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Player Ratings to the Best KC Barbeque Joints

Eat some BBQ

Kansas City Royals Parade Celebration Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Hey, it’s Big XII tournament time, so it’s time to focus on Kansas City. Currently, there are a lot of hungry people from far away locations around Big XII country. So, if you happen to be one of those people and you need a KC BBQ resource, we’ve got you covered. And for those that are left from West Virginia, Manhattan, and Ames, come and get it before you have to go back to your local Red Lobster and Applebee’s. Now, let’s rate our beloved (and your hated) Jayhawks in the process.

5 Stars: LC’s

This place is currently my favorite barbeque in Kansas City. Located in a shack on Blue Parkway, LC’s is the real deal. The smoker is right behind the cash register and the same people are working in there every time I’ve been there. I always go with the combo sandwich (sliced beef and pork), but the burnt ends are what made this place famous. They sell out quickly though, and the line is often out the door at lunch time.

Devon Dotson ran the show. Seventeen points, four assists, four rebounds, and zero turnovers. Nice work.

4.5 Stars: Joe’s KC

I’ve only been to the one in the gas station, but I’d guess that the food at the suburban locations are also great. And when it comes to French fries, this place is the best in the world. Lots of people get the Z-man, but really, anything on the menu is good.

David McCormack. Great game from big Dave. He’s really starting to turn the corner and that’s good news for KU. Finished with 13 and nine.

Dedric Lawson rounds out the great performances. If it wasn’t for these three dudes, KU would be sitting the rest of the tournament out. He had 16 points and six rebounds.

4 Stars: The Classics (Arthur Bryant’s and Gate’s)

I love these places. If the floor is slippery, it’s a good barbeque restaurant. Bryant’s still has the old screen door on the front and is the most historic BBQ restaurant in town. Order the beef sandwich. As for Gate’s, this is the place that I fell in love with barbeque. They scream at you for your order when you come in, so know what you want. It’s all good, especially when it’s coated in the best BBQ sauce ever created.

3.5 Stars: The Newcomers (Q39 and Char Bar)

Upscale sit down BBQ restaurants are a thing now, and these places are great. Q39 gets praise from everyone that goes there, and Char Bar is located where many people will party before and after games, Westport. You’ll notice the ambiance is quite different than the four restaurants listed above.

Quentin Grimes made his money at the free throw line last night. Finished with 12 points and I liked his on the ball defending in one on one situations.

Marcus Garrett still looks a little limited by that ankle injury but he still plays good defense and his rebounding was good as well. In other words, he’s doing what he should be doing.

3 Stars: Jack Stack

The first of the fancy sit down BBQ restaurants. Their food is top notch, but when I go to a barbeque restaurant, I want strawberry soda in the refill soda fountain and paper napkins. At Jack Stack, I get waiters and cloth napkins. Not my scene, but the food is excellent.

Mitch Lightfoot had a bit of a block party there for a few minutes and he has earned his three because of it. I’m giving threes to KJ Lawson and Charlie Moore as well for filling in okay.

2 Stars: There aren’t really any two-star locations

The category doesn’t exist. Next.

Ochai Agbaji looked off. Not his best day.

1 Star: Famous Dave’s

Kansas City, Memphis, North Carolina, Texas. These are places that don’t need a Famous Dave’s. I understand if Dubuque, Iowa has one, but a barbeque mecca doesn’t need it. Avoid this chain restaurant.