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Notebook: Kansas Looks Ahead to Texas Tech Matchup

What pop star caused Noel Gallagher to sell his home because he couldn’t sleep at night knowing this person was “next door making such terrible music?”


Quick updates on a few Kansas basketball personnel situations | Tale of the Tait |
“I would say probably laundry,” said Self when asked why Azubuike wore the warm-up instead of jeans last weekend. “I mean, somebody asked me the other day, they said, ‘He’ll make a comeback, won’t he this year?’ No. No. He’s out until June. He is out.”

How and why Kansas freshman Ochai Agbaji went from overlooked recruit to NBA prospect
The 18 year old at the center of one of college basketball’s best stories went full giggle when presented with the absurdity of it all.

Against KU’s defense, here’s a strategy that’s worked so far
The college basketball X’s and O’s analyst — and former video coordinator at New Mexico State and Nevada — says every KU defender basically does their job correctly in this first-half clip from a recent game at TCU. After a Horned Frogs ball screen, Mitch Lightfoot aggressively hedges to make the point guard change directions, and Dedric Lawson helps out by “tagging” Lightfoot’s man, bumping him in the lane to give time for Lightfoot to recover.

Kansas State ‘in driver’s seat’ in Big 12 men’s basketball race, KU’s Bill Self says
Six of 10 Big 12 Conference men’s basketball teams are within three games of first place entering the final two and a half weeks of the regular season.

10 quotes from Bill Self's weekly media session
The biggest weekend of the year for KU basketball is coming up shortly. Kansas will soon face off against Texas Tech in Lubbock before returning home to square off against conference-leading K-State on Monday. Should the Jayhawks go 2-0, they'll sit at first place in the Big 12.

“They are a good team, Chris has done a nice job, but how much more difficult is it down there with the place packed out like it’s been the last couple of years? They really had it going under Coach Knight then the fans went away. They’re back now and it looks like a very intimidating place to play.”

What's the latest on the Midwest's best unsigned 2019 prospects?
It is coming down the homestretch for seniors playing in the Midwest. With high school tournaments about to start, prospects in the 2019 class all over the region will begin potentially playing their final basketball games before enrolling in college. While most of the top players in the region are already committed, here is a look at where things stand with the best uncommitted prospects.

Other Sports News

Nike share price plunges by $1.1bn after basketball star Zion Williamson’s shoe breaks | The Independent
Nike has had $1.1bn (£844m) knocked off its stock value as the fallout continues from what is being called one of the most expensive apparel failures in history.

Stephen Jackson: Some 'spoiled' players today lack a 'love for the game'
"I love the fact that players have control of where they want to play," Jackson said before Thursday's game between the Golden State Warriors and Sacramento Kings. "But at the same time, guys got to be professional, too. I would be the first to say these guys these days, they're spoiled. A lot of them are spoiled.

Paul George asks Nike 'what went wrong' with his PG 2.5 shoe after Zion Williamson injury
Paul George said Thursday that he reached out to Nike to find out "what went wrong" with his PG 2.5 signature shoe that Zion Williamson was wearing when he injured his knee on Wednesday.

Warriors' Kevin Durant sees Kings as 'team to be reckoned with soon'
"That's the fourth game that we deserved to lose against this team," Warriors star Kevin Durant said after Thursday night's 125-123 win over the Kings. "But [we] just figure it out at the end of the games. ... Sometimes you're not going to win it with the team game and the way we always play. Sometimes you're just going to have to play streetball, you know what I'm saying? I think tonight, throughout spurts of the game, both teams did that."

Chelsea given two-window transfer ban over youth player breaches
Chelsea have been banned from signing players for the next two transfer windows after FIFA found them guilty of breaching rules related to the signing of players under the age of 18.

James Harden says Scott Foster shouldn't officiate Rockets games
After fouling out in a 111-106 loss to the Los Angeles Lakers, James Harden declared that referee Scott Foster "for sure" has a "personal" issue with the Houston Rockets and should not be allowed to officiate any more of their games.

LeBron thrives in this uncomfortable sprint to playoffs
For LeBron James, operating in chaos has never been an impediment -- it's a professional preference. So it came as no surprise on Wednesday when he declared that he "loves being uncomfortable," that it's the essence of his being. A seven-week sprint to the postseason from the 10th spot with no control over the performance of your rivals? Delightful.

Other News

Federal tax refund 2019: Colorado woman's $8,000 tax bill leaves her in tears - CBS News
"I have a PhD in neuroscience, my husband had an MD. If we can't figure this out, and we can't rely on the IRS and their calculators to give us the right information, what are we supposed to do?" Bielsky said.

The School of Funk - Flathead Beacon
Renowned blacksmith Jeffrey Funk claims he will not be “proselytizing” about the virtues of self-reliance, his study of the history of Luddism or his “ambivalence about the trajectory of our technical civilization” at the school he’s opening this

Robert Mueller Investigation: What Might Happen When It's Done : NPR
The Russia investigation could be on the verge of a spectacular finale — or it could be about to puff out like a damp firecracker.

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