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Player Ratings to the Theme of Two Worded States

New York to West Virginia

West Virginia v Iowa State

That game was actually not as close as the final score indicated. Kansas thoroughly dominated and now gets a welcome week to prepare for Texas Tech. Things are looking better in Jayhawk country.

5 Stars: New York

This is the no-brainer number one. New York City is amazing and even if you get out of there, you have some decent skiing in and near Lake Placid, and of course you have Niagara Falls. Lots to do in New York.

Even in this blowout, no one was good enough to earn a five-star.

4.5 Stars: North Carolina

North Carolina has some decent cities in Raleigh, Charlotte, Asheville, Greensboro, and others. People also really like their beaches at the Outer Banks. They’ve got some beautiful nature as well in the Great Smokey Mountains. But here’s the kicker, and why North Carolina grabs the 4.5 star spot: I hear that the college basketball players that choose to go to school at the two most prominent schools in the state do so because of their love of the game and not because of money and fake classes. This only adds to the intrigue.

KJ Lawson. This guy has turned a corner, and I’m here for it. As it looks like Lagerald Vick may not return, so KJ Lawson just became way more important. Finished with 15 points and three rebounds.

Devon Dotson. Fifteen points, eight assists, and five rebounds. This guy is one of the top five freshmen in the nation right now. The future is bright with Devon at the helm.

David McCormack had his best game as a Jayhawk against West Virginia. Granted, this could be due to WVU’s complete ineptitude, but big Dave handled himself well. Finished with 10 points, four rebounds, and two blocks.

4 Stars: South Carolina

Charleston gets tons of press for being quaint and southern and a culinary capital of the US. Many people also enjoy Hilton Head and Myrtle Beach.

Dedric Lawson. Not a vintage game from the Memphis transfer, but then again, he didn’t have to have a vintage performance. His range is improving and that spells trouble for opposing big men.

Mitch Lightfoot. Five points, seven rebounds, and three blocks. If he can open Dedric up from distance, he’s done his job. Also, did anyone catch how happy Mitch was when Chris Teahan canned that three? I love Mitch.

3.5 Stars: New Hampshire

This state is really underrated. That tiny little area that touches the Atlantic Ocean is pretty scenic, and you can get some great seafood there.

Ochai Agbaji. Is this dude the best athlete on the team? Had an off day but still finished with 10 points and three boards.

3 Stars: New Mexico

Breaking Bad might’ve ruined actual tourism for the state of New Mexico, but with several national parks, state parks, and national forests, New Mexico offers nature lovers something that many other states can’t offer. White Sands also looks cool, and people like Santa Fe.

Quentin Grimes couldn’t really get it to fall, but he was better in other aspects of his game. If his early three would’ve counted, I think he might’ve been ready for a monster game.

2 Stars: New Jersey

Jersey Shore, Trump Taj Mahal, Chris Christie. Give me a break.

I was criticized (probably correctly) for placing Charlie Moore too high after the last win, but I can’t really put him any higher until he starts contributing offensively. Two points, two assists, and two turnovers. Not good enough at home against WVU.

1 Star: West Virginia

Well, you knew this was coming. It actually looks really pretty (based on a google image search), but I had to put them last. I still can’t believe KU lost to this team in Morgantown.

No one was as bad as the state of West Virginia is (in my mind for this article).

No Rating:

The walk-ons. But shout out to Chris Teahan who brought the house down with a three.