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Kansas Jayhawks Basketball Predictions: Colorado Buffaloes

Our staff gets together to tell you what is going to happen tonight.

NCAA Basketball: Arizona State at Colorado Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas Jayhawks host the Colorado Buffaloes in a Top-20 matchup in Allen Fieldhouse tonight. Colorado has a defense that is roughly equal to Kansas, but can they get enough offensively to hang with the Jayhawks?

Take a look at what our staff thinks, then give your own prediction in the comments below.

Brendan: I think Colorado is legitimately good, but I think it’s also propped up a bit by playing a really weak non-conference schedule. Like, 213th-ranked non-conference strength of schedule by KenPom weak. Devon Dotson and McKinley Wright IV is going to be a fun matchup, and it’ll be interesting to see how KU plans for Tyler Bey, but I think in the end the Jayhawks control this one. Kansas 77, Colorado 65

Mike.Plank: I went to the last KU-CU matchup in Allen Fieldhouse before the Bufs left the conference. The building was electric. Unfortunately, KU fell way behind in the first half. But they slowly chipped away in the second half, and a monster block by Thomas Robinson ended up sealing the deal. The roof nearly came off Allen Fieldhouse. I’m still deaf in one ear. Only one sentence I’ve typed so far is a true statement. Kansas 82, Colorado 72.

Kyle_Davis21: Colorado’s defense is strong enough to give Kansas a few issues, but a lot has to go right on offense for the Buffs to win in Allen. Colorado can’t score inside, and it doesn’t capitalize on its strength of 3-point shooting (which is still just 64th nationally), on taking one in three attempts from 3. Add in that the Buffs are turnover prone and that feels like a KU victory at home. Kansas 73, Colorado 65

David: Colorado shoots the three very well, despite not shooting them often. Taking and making a lot of them is probably the only route they have to pulling off an upset. While that’s certainly not impossible, I’m not banking on it. Kansas would seem to have an advantage in just about every other way. Their defense does have me mildly concerned about finding our usual easy baskets, but at the end of the day I think KU’s talent advantage finds a way. Kansas 75, Colorado 64

Fizzle406 i will never pick another team to win in Allen fieldhouse. Kansas 80, Colorado 64

dnoll5: One of my favorite memories at Allen Fieldhouse came somewhere in the mid 1990s when the Chauncey Billups led Buffaloes came into AFH ranked number four in the land. My roommate at the time was a kid from Boulder and he was pumped. We went to the game and he was loud every time KU took a free throw and eventually got a coke dumped on him. He was pissed, rightfully so, but wound up leaving early anyway when KU was up for 40. The headline in the UDK the next day was KU to Buffaloes: CU Later. Glorious. Anyway, KU is going to beat Colorado as they always do. Kansas 80, CU 66.

Andy: Kansas will have an advantage in nearly every aspect of this game except one: Three Point Shooting. David mentioned above that they don’t shoot often, but that seems to be very matchup-dependent. I expect Colorado to lean into the 3, and they keep this close. They won’t be able to stop Dok and McCormack, but I’m betting they can slow them down. Kansas 76, Colorado 71