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The Best of the Decade

A look back at some of the best and the worst moments from our site this decade.

As we come to the end of the decade, I thought it would be fun to look back on some of the best moments on RCT. Here are the top ten threads from this decade. See something we missed? Let us know in the comment section below.

10. The Great Logo Debacle of 2012/Redesign

Eh, looking back at the thread this first occurred in 2011 but I like the title so I’m keeping it. In late 2011, Owen had a contest to find the new RCT logo. There were a lot of great submissions. In the end, one was chosen. You can see the thread here.

The winner was crowned. The admins were happy. The members were happy. It was a great day in site history. Then, out of the blue, SBNation hands down new logos to all team sites as part of the drastic site redesign. Outrage soon followed. Read all about it here.

9. Blue Recs

In 2014 (you will notice heavy recency bias on this list - deal with it) the great people of RCT asked for rec’d comments to turn blue instead of the standard green color. Owen, who was the site manager at the time, was the only one who could make that change. Unfortunately Owen was busy with other things and the site was no longer something he was actively managing. After much discussion and emails, the change was finally made.

The struggle to change the recs blue is much larger than simply the rec color. After the change was made, Owen decided it was time to step down and hand the reins to Mike, who continues to maul the site to this day.

8. Grad’s Beer Bong Story

It was a slow day back on April 12, 2013. The tournament had wrapped up and the college offseason was now upon us. It was just the right time for a legend to be born. KU Grad 08, aka Andrew Clark, AKA Cryingjordanman, AKA Sherroncollinsisthebesteverandilovehim, AKA Mitchlightfootisthebesteverandilovehim, responded with a tale of overcoming adversity in response to Warden wondering if he should improve his Rubik's Cube time. Years later David did a dramatic retelling of this famous story.

7. The Xbox Guy

Football is big in Texas. Sometimes football is bigger than doing the right thing. Sometimes football causes people to look the other way on rape. Or does it? This is the question posed by a Baylor fan who denied any allegations of wrongdoing by the Baylor football team. How does he know this? The people he plays Xbox with told him, of course.

6. The Night Before RCTmas

One of, if not the best, tradition we have on RCT is Fetch’s annual Christmas post. These are always well loved by all and many people are saying it’s the best part of the holiday season.

5. The Rant

Technically this did not happen on RCT but parts of it have become the stuff of RCT legend. A BOTC writer who is both an engineer (and able to dunk a basketball) took offense to some polite disagreement to his answer of the quality of the 2016 K-State basketball team. This resulted in the most unhinged and epic rant ever seen on an SBNation server. In 5+ angry paragraphs we learn about Eric Rubottom’s wardrobe, the number of hours he works in a week, what he does on his lunch breaks, and the downfalls writing for a sports blog can take on one’s social life. David did a dramatic retelling on this epic rant.

4. Is a hot dog a sandwich?

This was another slow day in the offseason. David wanted 100 comments on the daily News and Notes (now known as The Daily Mauling). What brought us to that goal is a debate that caused many of us to become bitter rivals - the question of is a hot dog a sandwich. The debate has lasted several years with no clear winners. (I mean, the ones who say not a sandwich are clearly the winners.)

3. Panama

Now that we are in the top 3, these could really go in any order. The out of nowhere debate about Panama is one of the site’s first and longest running memes. This was a random day in the offseason (I’m sensing a theme). 2.1 Seconds Left and Commercialeer got into a random debate about Panama. Panama became the first of several memes on this site.

2. Dunkgate

In the closing seconds of a second round NCAA tournament game, Tyshawn Taylor dunked to put the Jayhawks ahead of Purdue by 3 points. KU went on to win the game and a 7-year debate was born. Should Tyshawn have dunked or dribbled the ball out? Fetch wrote up a post where he came to a (wrong) conclusion.

Honorable Mentions

Before I get to the #1 moment of the decade, I wanted to bring up some NOT top ten moments. These were threads that were deleted or just didn’t really have an origin.


In what was probably a low point for the blog, a bunch of bored office workers spent the day debating economics, religion and social issues with a conservative teenager. Warnings were issued and the whole thread was deleted.


Antonin Scalia passed away and there was disagreement on whether this was a good thing for the country or if celebrating someone’s death should be frowned upon. I never saw this thread that has now been deleted but I think that was the gist.


There is no one point where maul was discussed. It was mentioned in a postgame thread after KU mauled the University of Montana. It has since taken a life of its own.

Smiling in Mugshots

I would have ranked this one but I remembered it after I had put this all together so it’s getting thrown in here. Carlton Bragg was arrested and smiled in his mugshot. This turned into a big debate

1. Lyme Disease

Yeah, there maybe a better choice for #1 but since this remains the weirdest damn thing I have ever seen on this site and because it’s my list, I’m putting it at #1. Commenter jaayhaaawk went off on a multi-post screed on Lyme disease in the comment section of a News and Notes post. He then moved it over into its own Fanpost. Apparently the CDC is involved in a cover-up of Lyme disease or something like that. I never read any of his posts. Jaaayhaaawk later avoided a banning by voluntarily leaving the site.


I’d like to thank all of you for reading the last 10 years. You guys arguing mundane details have made this place the best site on the internet. Here’s to 10 more years.