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Notebook: KU Looks Ahead to Conference Play

Let me be the one who shines with you

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: DEC 21 Kansas at Villanova Photo by Andy Lewis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Special After Christmas all Eraser Dust Daily Mauling

Liam Gallagher thinks Oasis could reunite for Glastonbury 2021
“Too soon,” Liam replied, before adding: “The little fella has threatened to take a year off which I highly recommend. I reckon he’ll give his head a good shake and bingo we’ll be on for the following year isn’t it.”

Liam Gallagher on Oasis: "We weren’t that f***ing great" - Radio X
As reported by Bang Showbiz, speaking in an interview with MOJO magazine, he said: "I think we could have banged out a good album but... how long were we together? It's like anything, it does become tiresome at some point.

The Biggest Space News in 2020
Earlier this year, the Trump Administration accelerated the timeline for returning Americans to the Moon. The space agency was told, in rather blunt terms, that the Artemis lunar mission has to be done by 2024, but Congress raised serious concerns about this rather aggressive deadline.

Does CBD Work? What Science Says.
There’s a lot of hype surrounding CBD products, from them being able to help with anxiety and send you to sleep sooner, to cutting down the risk of dementia or treating cancer. But what does the science say about CBD’s health benefits? And just how excited should you be about buying yourself a CBD burger or your dog some CBD treats?

We Tested Ring’s Security. It’s Awful - VICE
From across the other side of the world, a colleague has just accessed my Ring account, and in turn, a live-feed of a Ring camera in my apartment. He sent a screenshot of me stretching, getting ready for work. Then a second colleague accessed the camera from another country, and started talking to me through the Ring device.

Inside the White Nationalist Terrorist Movement in America
The photojournalist Mark Peterson has documented this year, traveling the country to surface the extent of the activity and catalogue the most dangerous ideologies. His quotidian look at contemporary American Confederacy and white nationalism shows us our neighbors in other robes. The people portrayed are living among us in every region of the country, in our workplaces, in our government, on social media, and, for some, in our homes. Their culture is made up of both public rallies and private rituals. We see their homes and their streets and their schools, and that these are also our streets and our schools and our neighbors.

Here’s the formula for paying no federal income taxes on $100,000 a year - MarketWatch
The standard deduction for a married couple is $24,400 in 2019 (if both are under 65 years old), and the top of the 0% capital-gains tax bracket is $78,750. So we can make a total of $103,150 a year, provided that our ordinary income stays below the standard deduction and the rest comes from long-term capital gains and/or qualified dividends.

Traeger Grills win permanent injunctions against competitor, founding family members - Deseret News
“This is a significant step forward in the effort to protect our brand,” Andrus said in a statement. “As we said from the beginning, we respect the right of the Traeger family to earn a living, so long as they do not violate their contracts with us.