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Twas The Night Before RCTmas


Time for the yearly thank you for reading the site. While I definitely think we have the best KU writers around, it’s the commenters who make this place the best place for KU talk on these internets. See you after the holidays.

Twas the Night Before RCTMas

Twas the night before RCTmas, and all through the site

Not a California contractor was in sight.

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,

But no salaries would be found in there.

And the editors in their caps, and I in my tee,

Had just sat down to write a post for free.

When out in the emails there arose such a clatter,

I ran to my laptop to see what was the matter.

Away to my computer I ran to open the page,

And what I read made me rage.

When what to my eyes did appear,

But an email making dozens of writers disappear.

With a condescending tone not caring about the losses,

I just knew it had to be from the bosses.

Rapidly they came,

The excuses I could identify by name.

“It’s the law. We’re family. We’ll hire employees.”

As far as excuses go, we’ve heard all of these.

So we took over, and handed out some gifts

To help ease the pain of the Vox Media grift.

But we still called on ole Santa Claus

Who handed Daniel Epstein a round of applause.

And to the Union, a big thank you,

Time for everyone else to unionize, too.

That’s all for this year, and as Santa flew out into the night,

He yelled “Merry Christmas to all, and workers of the world, unite!”