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Player Ratings to the Theme of the Worst Type of Charges

Where does the sport’s worst foul rank?

Kansas v Villanova Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

I think I saw the semi-circle utilized properly for the first time in Kansas basketball history late in the Villanova game, but let’s not forget the thousands of times that referees get it wrong, including previously in that game as pointed out by our twitter feed. Anyway, the charge call is the dumbest foul/penalty in all of sports, but how does it rank against other terrible charges? Let’s find out.

5 Stars: Finance Charges

These are simply the worst. The ridiculously high percentage that you typically get charged on your credit card is criminal, but these finance charges are equally as terrible in other places too. Home loans are bad, as are student loans, but the finance charge that those scoundrels at payday loan houses charge is the epitome of evil.

No Kansas player was as good as these are bad.

4.5 Stars: Criminal Charges

Well, this must suck. To be charged with a crime. Yep, definitely worthy of the 4.5 rating.

Again, no KU players were as good as it is bad to have criminal charges brought against you.

4 Stars: Service Charges for Tickets

Another ridiculous charge. Sometimes the fee is almost as much as the ticket itself. Scenario: Cool, these $75 basketball tickets are only $25! You punch it all your info and get to the checkout portion of your online deal. Total price: $67. Complete scam.

No one was even worthy of a four star in this game.

3 Stars: The Charge Call

Guy stands still, does nothing athletically, and then is rewarded when someone bumps into him while trying to perform a difficult athletic move. Who should we reward? I guess we’ll reward the standing guy, he deserves it! The charge is dumb and should be abandoned.

Udoka Azubuike was the best of the players in this one as he tallied 12 points and 11 rebounds. Still, the fact that he can’t be used late in games because his free throw percentage is lower than most credit card finance charges (see what I did there?) is a major problem.

Devon Dotson. He missed a key front end of a one and one and that will be looked at more than even his miss at the end, but if wasn’t for this guy, KU would’ve gotten destroyed.

Ochai Agbaji. He hustled a lot, scored 11 points, but KU is going top need Ochai to can threes on a night like this.

Christian Braun. The freshman was definitely the best of the bench players. Added energy and played decent defense in the second half.

2 Stars: Static

It’s that time of the year when static electricity builds (charges, one might say) and then you inevitably shock the living crap out of yourself when doing mundane things like petting the cat, turning on a light, or picking something up.

David McCormack. Probably not his fault that he was forced to play at the end because Dok is a free throw tragedy, but what a poor choice he made by taking a turnaround shot with KU hanging on to a slim lead at the end. Would’ve liked literally anyone on the court taking that shot over Dave.

Tristan Enaruna grabbed some important rebounds, but if he is the most sought after KU player from an NBA perspective as Gus Johnson implied on the telecast (Side note: hahahahahaha), he’s got to be better.

Isaiah Moss. I fail to see the point of him playing if he is not going to make threes.

Silvio De Sousa. I wish he played more in this one. He’s more versatile than David McCormack.

1 Star: Electric Charges

These are usually pretty good as they are needed to make life function, right? I have nothing bad to say about scientific necessities at the subatomic level.

No one was as bad as these charges are good.

No Rating:

Marcus Garrett. He really should be a four or five star because I think KU wins this game easily with Marcus playing.