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Kansas Jayhawks Basketball Prediction: Villanova Wildcats

If you're looking for some reassurance going into today's game, we might have some here.

Saint Mary’s v Villanova Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

The Kansas Jayhawks are on the road right before the holidays for a game against a reached Villanova Wildcats squad.

Can KU keep their #1 ranking? Or will ‘Nova get revenge for last year and add another nightmare loss for Jayhawk fans?

Take a look at what our staff thinks, and then leave your predictions in the comments below!

Fizzle406: I’m still traumatized from 2018 to give an optimistic prediction. I don’t love these road games a few days before Christmas. I think Nova will shoot a ton of 3s and KU won’t be able to answer. Villanova 83, Kansas 72

Kyle_Davis21: Everything is pointing to Kansas losing this game. On the road. Against a ranked team. One that has caused KU issues in the past. In the game before Christmas. But for some reason I’m not feeling pessimistic. Looking at the numbers, Nova seems similar to Dayton, just not as good from 2 and with a worse defense. Nova’s defense is 88th in KenPom and Jeremiah Robinson-Earl will have to guard Doke, giving up three inches and 40 pounds. This feels like a game that will come down to the final few possessions. Kansas 79, Villanova 77

dnoll5: I haven’t paid any attention to any college basketball outside of Kansas and those awesome losses that Kentucky and Duke had. Anyway, I think KU will win for some reason, but I’m not sure what that reason is. It Kansas 77, Villanova 76.

Mike.Plank: Hey dnoll, don’t forget about North Carolina’s awesome losses this season. Anyway, for some reason I’m not too worried about this game even though I feel like I should be. I don’t think it will be a blowout or anything by any means, but Kansas is pretty hot right now. Hopefully the guys won’t give up that #1 ranking too easily. Kansas 82, Villanova 74.

Andy Mitts: I don’t know if I don’t think they’ll lose it just not worried about it if they do lose. But on paper, Kansas shouldn’t have any problems in this game. This is not a great 3-point shooting team like we’ve seen in the past, and Kansas has a huge advantage on the inside. Give me Kansas 87, Villanova 71.