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Jalen Wilson breaks ankle vs UNC Greensboro

The freshman guard will miss 3 months, and possibly the season.

NCAA Basketball: Kansas at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Jalen Wilson checked into the game against UNC Greensboro halfway through the first half, and less than one minute later, came up limping and asking the KU bench for a timeout. After going back to the locker room, Wilson wouldn’t return to the bench until the game was nearly over.

Said Bill Self:

It’s a bad one. He broke it and it requires surgery early next week and the time table on a return will be close to three months. I’m not going to tell you that he’ll for sure sit the rest of the year but the likelihood of that is pretty strong.

According to Matt Tait, Wilson’s absence leaves Kansas with just nine available players for the bulk of the season. Mitch Lightfoot and Dajuan Harris are redshirting, and KU was already down a scholarship player with Issac McBride leaving the program.

Look for more minutes for Christian Braun, or on a more depressing thought, Bill Self may also double down on playing two bigs.