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FanPulse Top 25 Week 10: A Lot Of The Same

The top of the poll remains largely unchanged, but the basketball approval ratings make their debut.

It's that time again. Time for the latest edition of the SB Nation CFB Top 25. It's still possible to sign up and let your voice be heard. With the college basketball season starting up, we are adding some college basketball questions to the next edition, so go ahead and get signed up now.

The first part of the FanPulse survey was the approval rating for Kansas Jayhawks football. We remained level from last week, with the rating staying at 88%, and not having enough responses for a graphic of our own.

New this week is an approval rating for Kansas Jayhawks basketball. That came in at the exact same level: a rating of 88%, but not enough responses for a graphic.

Disagree with that assessment of the program? Then sign up for the survey, and you can join in determining that percentage for next week. And signing up doesn’t require you to vote in the football poll. You can simply give your rating for the programs.

This week's question asked which game coming up this weekend that you are most excited fort.

And now, without further ado, here are the rankings after Week 10.

Other teams receiving votes: Indiana, Iowa, Navy, UCF, Texas A&M

It’s hard to complain with any of the Big 12 teams that were left out of the poll. And with all the churn at the bottom, I can’t get too upset with the teams that are there. Kansas State might deserve to be a bit higher, but you can’t really complain.

As a reminder, once we reach 50 sign ups, we’ll get our own version of the Top 25.

Until we have enough people signed up to get our own poll, I'll look for one other fanbase to highlight. I'm a bit partial to fans that are fairly reasonable, so I went in search of a fanbase that ranked their own team lower than the national ranking. We’ve had quite a few surprises recently, but this week had a single program that severely underranked their team (at least when compared to the national ranking). The fans over at Dawg Sports, the site that covers the Georgia Bulldogs, ranked their team at #10, which is 4 spots below their spots in the overall poll.

So, congrats on not being total homers!

These rankings will be updated every week, and it isn't too late to be a part of them. Sign up here! With basketball starting, you will want to be involved. It’s the same sign up as football, but you don’t have to vote in the football poll if you don’t want to.