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Kansas vs Kansas State: The View from Section 5

A Twitter-esque recap of the game against K-State.

Fans line up to get into a sold-out Kansas Memorial Memorial Stadium to see the Kansas Jayhawks take on the Kansas State Wildcats on November 2, 2019.
Michael Plank


Arrive in Lawrence around 12:30. Lots of purple in town.

Hanging out in the Union, taking in the KJHK pregame show (student radio station).

Buy one beer get one free is cool.

Got some pizza too.

Pretty good radio show, good audience. It was fun. And I beat a K-State guy at Connect 4.

Head toward Memorial at 2 PM. Looooooong lines to get in (pictured above).

Lots of purple but KU still has home crowd advantage. Let’s go!


Eh 3-and-out. Not a great start, but we’re used to that.

Wow K-State faced very little resistance from the KU defense on that drive.

Nice play to Parchment sets up KU nicely!

But we only get a field goal.

Death by a thousand cuts so far by this KState rushing game.

K-State 7, KU 3


Carter WYD?

Penalties really hurting K-State so far.

Hey, a first down!

Another one!

Carter sacked. Jayhawks can’t really get going on offense.

Another KState penalty helps the ‘Hawks.

But Carter, WYD? KState with the easy field goal at the half.

K-State 17, Kansas 3


Both bands played during the break. Nothing much else to say here.


K-State with the ball first.

Another easy drive for the Wildcats.

Oh look KU is punting from the K-State 40-yard line.

Why are coaches so dumb?

More holding calls on K-State helps the Jayhawks force a punt.

Gotta get the offense going.

Big Pooka run (19 yards) wiped out by a hold. Gee that sounds familiar.

K-State 24, Kansas 3


KU fails to convert on fourth down from its own 26-yard line.

Crowd begins to notably dissipate.

K-State band playing Happy Trails during the change of possession.

Easy score by K-State puts this one out of reach now.

Another failed fourth down by KU sets up the Wildcats with great position again.

Blowout city.

Manny Miles in after Carter goes down with some kind of injury. Third and 31 isn’t ideal.

What a disappointing game.

Late score by KU makes no difference.

K-State 38, Kansas 10


Holy disappointment, Batman.

There was some electricity to start, but it never got loud like in 2004 or 2008.

The hype machine that was in full force this past week better tone it down.

These ‘Hawks weren’t ready today, and they got their butts kicked.

On to the bye week. Get it fixed, Brent.

Rock Chalk.