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Player Ratings to the Theme of Edible Birds

Happy Thanksgiving!

NCAA Basketball: Dayton at Kansas Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. We’re back for the first version of the player ratings, and if you’re not familiar, we pick a theme and compare the performances of the Jayhawks against the selected choices. Since today is Thanksgiving, we’ll be rating the players to the theme of birds we eat. Here we go.

5 Stars: Chicken

If you are questioning why turkey isn’t number one on this list on thanksgiving, it’s because turkey is completely overrated and not a food (unless you pack a lunch every day) that most people eat on a daily basis. Chicken is the most widespread of all the edible birds and let me tell you (#hottaek alert), the chicken thigh is the best piece of meat that doesn’t come from a pig.

Devon Dotson had thirty one points on 11 of 16 shooting including eight of 11 from the free throw stripe. The sophomore had as complete a game as a guard can. Add in four assists and five steals, and you have a game that he is unlikely to replicate for the rest of the season.

Udoka Azubuike. The big Nigerian was dominant. He scored 29 points on 12 of 15 from the floor. But the biggest story and the thing that drew some of the biggest cheers was the fact that Dok was five of eight from the free throw line. When he got the ball, it was going to go in.

4.5 Stars: Duck

A nice crisp duck confit is just about as good as it gets. More widespread in other parts of the world than it is in the United States, duck can be used in a variety of ways. Plus, when done right, it always feels like a decadent treat.

Marcus Garrett. Man, the Dallas native was good. He was strapped with foul trouble in the first half and then picked up two quick ones in the second half as well. He played very well with four fouls and finished with 18 points. We kept guarding even in foul trouble, something that Dayton’s defensive guru couldn’t quite match.

4 Stars: Turkey

Here you go Thanksgiving people. A roasted turkey on the fourth Thursday in November is pretty dang tasty. The rest of the year, eh, take it or leave it.

No other KU player was as good as a Thanksgiving turkey.

3 Stars: Cornish Game Hens

Small birds, roasted perfectly, are really delicious. I also could’ve put quail, pheasant, or squab on the list instead of the little game hens. It’s a three because I realize that not that many people have access to these tasty birds.

Ochai Agbaji had an off game from an offensive perspective but did a fine job sharing the duties guarding Dayton star Obi Toppin. Like Dotson, Ochai never came off the floor and that was probably as important as anything else as the rest of the squad didn’t do much.

2 Stars: Ostrich Burgers

I don’t know. I’d definitely eat these, but I don’t see the point.

Isaiah Moss didn’t score in 36 minutes. He did grab four rebounds and maybe he played some decent defense. I didn’t really notice- all I noticed was three after three raining in for the Flyers.

David McCormack and Tristan Enaruna. Big Dave scored three points and so did Tristan. McCormack was limited because of Dok’s dominance and the game looked too fast for the freshman.

1 Star: Domesticated Swallow

I went to this website and they had this small bird that you see buzzing around your house all year as a meal choice. Nope.

No one was as bad as eating that bird who is currently creating a nest on my porch.

Not Rated

Silvio De Sousa and Christian Braun scored zero points in their combined six minutes.