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Same as it ever was: KU not competitive with OSU

Kansas v Oklahoma State Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

For the second consecutive game, Kansas was not competitive with a team in the top half-ish of the conference. Instead of a blow-by-blow recap of exactly what happened (short version: the defense got a few stops but was generally bad, and the offense was so awful that Manny Miles took over for a while in the second half), I'm going to list some observations about this team:

-Brent Dearmon's changes to the offense kept bad defenses in Texas and Texas Tech off guard, but the last two games have shown us that no amount of trickery or creativity can sustain success with this group of players.

-Tied in with the first observation, I wasn't wrong about Carter Stanley after all. I fell for the fool's gold after the Tech win.

-If you're expecting anything more than baby steps from this program over the next year or two, I've got some bad news for you. Talent-wise, this is a Conference USA team and that won't change quickly.

-You can't give up hope on a coaching staff facing this type of rebuild in year one. However, I can't name anything this staff has done that's given me extra reason for optimism.

The final was 31-13, but as is the case with so many KU football games, it could have been worse had the opponent not taken their foot off the gas. Next up: a trip to Ames next Saturday.