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Kansas Mauls Monmouth

That was fun!

Monmouth v Kansas Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Any game where you can start out on a 26-4 run is a pretty good one. Devon Dotson and Udoka Azubuike got the most points early but both the scoring and the minutes were well distributed as Monmouth was clearly outgunned from the start. Dotson and Isaiah Moss were the leading scorers in a first half that saw the Jayhawks race out to a 59-21 advantage, scoring 13 and 14 respectively (Moss was 4-5 from deep).

Obviously, this game never became cost close, ending 112-57. The Jayhawks hit the century mark before the 2nd half under-4 timeout and the walkons got plenty of run. Moss led the team with 24 points on 6-7 shooting (all behind the arc) and hitting all six free throws. Dotson had 17 with four assists and four steals. David McCormack had the game's only double double with 17 points and 11 boards (though he was the only main rotation player to stay in until the last minute). Azubuike blocked three shots while putting up 12 and 8. As a team, Kansas had an incredible shooting night, going 14-30 from deep (47%) and 23-38 (61%) from two. They also had 11 steals and assisted on 22 of 37 made field goals (59%).

Most of the schedule won't be nearly this easy, so it's great to enjoy these games while we can. Things get tougher Tuesday night as they face a salty East Tennessee State that's ranked a very nice 69th by KenPom.