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Kansas Jayhawks Basketball Predictions: Monmouth Hawks

We get together to tell you what is going to happen tonight.

NCAA Basketball: MAAC Conference Tournament-Monmouth vs Iona Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas Jayhawks host the Monmouth Hawks tonight, in a game that doesn't have a whole lot of intrigue. But it's a great chance to see how Kansas will handle adversity, as they are dealing with the loss of Jalen Wilson to injury. Will the Jayhawks be tested? Our staff tries to tell you what to expect.

dnoll5: Monmouth, eh? Well, the best analysis I can give is a KU win and for some reason, I think KU will actually get it done in a big way this time. A whole week to practice, good news from the recruiting front, and a trip to Hawaii coming up adds up to a 20 point Kansas win. Kansas 80, Monmouth 60.

Kyle_Davis21: You guys remember when Monmouth was going viral a few years ago with its creative bench celebrations? That was cool, but this is not that team, talent-wise at least. Monmouth is 247th in KenPom and lost to Hofstra (148th in KenPom) by 20. Maybe they can still celebrate with the best of them, but we might not see many chances. Though I’m sure Mitch will have plenty of opportunities for camera reactions. Kansas 85, Monmouth 61

David: Monmouth is about as bad a team as KU will play this year, and after a couple of frustrating performances, I expect to see the Jayhawks finally find an offensive groove. The Hawks don’t have anyone to contend with Azubuike’s size and strength, so if KU can get some spacing around him, Monmouth will be forced to either allow him to feast inside, or double and triple team him while the guards get open looks and driving lanes. Kansas 82, Monmouth 59

Brendan: I’m with the rest of the group so far, I think we see a sizable win for KU tonight. The Jayhawks should, in theory, get even more of their offensive kinks worked out tonight, while Monmouth is playing two road games in three days and, as has been pointed out, just isn’t very good. Kansas 83, Monmouth 58

Fizzle406: I expect a mauling. We will maul them like they have never been mauled before. Kansas 100, Monmouth 60

Mike.Plank: Who? What? Ok. Kansas 99, Monmouth 60.

Andy: The Jayhawks are looking to settle into a normal rotation, preferably with two big men. But Monmouth is going to play a lot of 4 guard lineups, and I don’t think De Sousa or McCormack are going to be about to okay it there consistently. I think this is the game where Bill finally accepts that this team will have to play small ball the majority of the season. But Kansas still rolls. Kansas 87, Monmouth 69.