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Oklahoma at Kansas: The View from Section 5

A Twitter-esque recap of the game against Oklahoma.

Oklahoma v Kansas Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images


Weather forecast calls for 4-6 hours of rain.

Hear about the lightning/weather delay just as I’m heading out.

Guess I’ll stick around.

And they delayed it only a half hour. LOL I’m gonna be late. Oh well.


Listening to the broadcast in the car.

Hanni says he sees sunlight.

I bet you do, buddy.

Run. Run. Pass. Penalty! First down.

And then a punt. Here we go.

Oklahoma punts back? Ok then.

Kansas 98-yard drive against this defense? Ok then.

But OU answers right away.

Oklahoma 7, Kansas 7


Ok, I’m in.

Sosinski with the dropped pass on fourth down.

Hard to upset teams dropping passes like that.

Huh, Mike Lee just one-upped that drop pass. That would have been a pick-6.

Hard to upset teams dropping pick-sixes.

Wow and I thought only Baylor players got away with rape (5:28 left in the half).

He was literally holding Sosinsky’s arm down. No call by the zebras.

Never thought I’d see third and goal from the 50 for Oklahoma.

Or fourth and goal from the 44.

Oklahoma cheating all game so far. Too bad they’ve only been flagged for about half of them.

Is that why they’re so good? Uncalled penalties?

Even the OU guy next to me is like yup, hold on that return. Nope. KU facemask.

And KU does a sideline pass in the flat that gets blown up for the last play of the half. Criminy.

Go downfield, especially at the end of a half. Good things happen when you go downfield.

Oklahoma 21, Kansas 7


Probably gonna need a couple of turnovers now to keep this one from getting out of hand.

So much for four hours of rain, it’s actually a pretty nice day.

Fun band performance.

Toy Story - You’ve Got a Friend in Me

Moana - You’re Welcome, How Far I’ll Go

OU will get the ball to open the third quarter.


Methodical drive by OU to go up three TDs.

Charlot tackled before the ball arrives. No call.


Oklahoma taking the Bob Huggins approach to football. They won’t call them all!

Only this time they do get called for the hold on the punt return TD.

A brief shower coming through. Of course it only rains when KU has the ball lol

Gonna take more than a couple of turnovers at this point to make this game interesting.

Charlot and OU #4 just got double unsportsmanlike. They’ve been jawing at each other for a while now.

The OU band has only played Boomer Sooner and Another One Bites the Dust.

At least they know a second song now.

They have also tried to play over the KU band throughout the game. Not very classy!

Oklahoma 35, Kansas 7


Well. There’s one turnover.

KU running clock in an attempt to cover the spread?

Stanley overthrows an open Luavasa on fourth and one. That effectively ends any chance KU had to come back.

Stanley with the INT but the holding was so obvious they had to call it (and they did).

Stanley with another dime for a TD.

Where has this downfield passing game been all day?

OU finally with backups at 9:35 to go.

Couple of nice drives to end the game by KU vs OU’s backups.

Final: Oklahoma 45, Kansas 20


Well that got ugly.

Too many mistakes. Too many dropped passes, too.

Does OU really need all that help from the refs?

No wonder they get whooped in bowl games when they don’t get the friendly calls.

I hate complaining about it so much but I really feel like it made a difference, especially in the first half.

Well, they showed some fight and didn’t back down or get intimidated.