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Kansas Jayhawks Football Predictions: Oklahoma Sooners

Take a look at what we think is going to happen tomorrow, then give your own prediction.

Texas Tech v Oklahoma Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images

The Kansas Jayhawks are in total disarray. With the news of the Khalil Herbert redshirt and transfer, and the total destruction at the hands of TCU, it wouldn’t be tough to blame this team for struggling against the Oklahoma Sooners.

Will the Jayhawks put up a fight? Can we get a repeat of last year’s closer-than-expected game in Norman?

Take a look at what our staff thinks will happen in this game, then leave your own prediction in the comments below.

Fizzle406: We have absolutely no shot at this one so plan your Saturday accordingly. Oklahoma 146, Kansas 3

Brendan: The only competition here is Kansas versus the spread. Honestly, though, this game should have a full crowd because you only get so many chances to watch the best offense in the country. This will be both an awe-inspiring and wildly depressing game. Oklahoma 56, Kansas 10

Dino: First, Oklahoma has been greatly overrated for the last 10 years outside their conference, especially when playing a Top 5 opponent. That being said, Kansas is not even in the top 55. This one will get away in the second half.

Oklahoma 63 Kansas 27

dnoll5: I will be watching European soccer instead of watching KU lose by a million, and you should too. Or just watch reruns of 227 or 90210 because both of those show’s names could be the final tally for Oklahoma’s offense. If I had the patience to find the infinity symbol and insert that as Oklahoma’s score, I would. But, since I don’t care to try, I’ll just pick a high number and give that to OU. Sixty three sounds about right. Oklahoma 63, Kansas 7.

Kyle_Davis21: To Brendan’s point, I think there’s a second competition here: who will gain more yards, KU or Jalen Hurts? Kansas averages 353 yards a game. Hurts is averaging 434. So that’s fun. Oklahoma 52, Kansas 17

Mike.Plank: I for one will not be watching a bunch of Europeans flop around on a soccer field like fish out of water. Speaking of water, it’s supposed to rain rather heavily from 8 AM or so until 2 PM, so those who get to watch from the press box probably shouldn’t be telling people to go to the game. Although last time the forecast called for rain, we didn’t get a drop and still lost to Coastal Carolina. ANYWAY - Kansas put up 40 on OU last year. Do the Sooners have a defense this year? If KU punts at all, regardless of down and distance, I will be #MadOnline. Punting to the Sooners is dumb. Go for it. You aren’t stopping their offense anyway. Oklahoma 55, Kansas 20.

David: Last week was evidence that KU might be back to the days of the previous few coaches, in which games against even decent Big 12 competition weren’t competitive. I certainly don’t think this will be at all close, and part of me wants to predict a massive blowout. However, I think there’s a chance last week will be our worst performance of the year, and maybe Kansas covers the spread here. Oklahoma 52, Kansas 23

Andy: The Jayhawks are hopelessly outmatched in this one. The Oklahoma offense looks even better than last year, and so far the defense looks much improved. While there are questions about whether that defensive improvement is a mirage, I don’t think this is the team that would be set up to expose that. Without Dru Prox, the defense won’t be able to slow OU down. Kansas will make adjustments at the second half that, when combined with the usual subbing in of second stringers in blowouts, will allow them to score more than you might expect. Kansas gets the backdoor cover. Oklahoma 61, Kansas 31