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Texas Tech at Kansas: The View from (Mostly) Section 5

A Twitter-esque recap of the game against Texas Tech.

A young fan peers over the railing during a game between the Texas Tech Red Raiders and the Kansas Jayhawks on October 26, 2019. Kansas won 37-34.
Michael Plank


Can’t find anyone to go with, so I guess I’m dragging the wife and kiddo to Lawrence today.

We head out early. Maybe the kiddo will enjoy the inflatables.

She’s still real little (not quite 2) but she really enjoyed it!

Bounce house, cornhole, even ski ball. The workers and cheerleaders were all awesome as well.

Back to the Union about an hour before the game for some Chic Fil A (to own the libs).

And here. We. Go.


Carter INT on first play. Bummer.

Torneden ejected for targeting. Bummer.

Tech just running it right down our throats so far. Bummer!

Tech on the board now.

KU punting from inside the 40. Bummer.

Took Tech all of three plays to make up that yardage.

Not starting off very promising, are we?

Tech knocking on the door again, threatening to put the Jayhawks in a big early hole.

Texas Tech 7, Kansas 0


Big ovation for Darrell Stuckey as he is inducted to the Ring of Honor.

Highlight video was cool. Now they’re trying to rush everyone off the field as the teams line up. LOL. Why didn’t they do this at halftime?

KU not doing much offensively.

Tech still running wild.

Raiders with another TD and now a FG.


Aw come on that was a touchdown!

Why are they not reviewing it?


Doesn’t matter I guess, Carter punches it in.

Crowd getting back into it now.

Tech punt. Let’s goooooooooo.

Stephon again! This time he’s in!

Standing O for the team as we head to the break.

Texas Tech 17, Kansas 14


Feels like Tech has about 500 rushing yards already.

The band is doing a Woodstock theme show.

Ah, the alumni band for Homecoming.

Tech’s kickers are out waiting for the band to leave the field lol.

Here we go again.


Wow, Tech scored really easily coming out of halftime.

Kiddo getting tired. Wants to walk. Great.

To be fair, it’s officially past her bedtime now.

From the top of Section 5 (I kid you not) to the top of Section 17 (I wish I was kidding) via the north bowl.

Stopped and played with some kids on the way for a few minutes.

And had some good photo ops (see example above).

Climbed up all the stairs to the top of 17. “I did it!”

Yes you did. Thanks a lot...

Sees Big Jay in the student section, so we head down to get our picture taken with him (her?).

Oh boy, back up to the top of Section 17.

“I did it!”

Have you ever gone up to that northeast corner of the stadium? Pretty freaky if heights aren’t your thing.

Some more kids up here to play with.

Trying to keep an eye on the game during all this. All I know is Tech is up 27-14 now.

“Where’s mama?”

Time to head back to our section!

If the Raiders go up three scores, we’ll probably bail.

STEPHON again!

Criminy another blocked kick.

Texas Tech 27, Kansas 20


Parchment on third and 21! Wow!

Stadium is REALLY hopping now. There’s some actual noise and energy that hasn’t been here in... 10 years?

Cool to see this place come alive.

Wow, I haven’t seen a weaker roughing the passer call since the AFC Championship game last year.

Tech quickly squashes the energy in the stadium.

KU has to punt now. This is where things typically get away from the Jayhawks.

3-and-out by the KU defense though!

Charlot sighting! Man what a play. He really had to push to get that first down.



Five minutes to go. Oh for another defensive stop.





Fans starting to feel it. Offensive players actually asking the crowd to quiet down lol.


Oh god it’s coming down to a field goal.

Timeout. Jones nails the kick though.

And blocked.

Wha... they’re trying to return it.

We’re going to lose on a blocked FG return for touchdown.


What was he doing?

Looked like a lateral? But nobody was there!

Jones gets another shot.

Another timeout. This time the ref doesn’t let him kick lol.


Kansas 37, Texas Tech 34


Students are rushing the field - I really didn’t expect this.

Players gathering up over by the band is a cool move.

Can see some guys signing autographs. Everyone having a good time.

Nobody on the PA telling people to stay in the stands.

Can’t get anywhere near the goalposts though.

Lol not for lack of trying!

Nobody wants to get arrested though.

Now the PA announcer says, “Thank you for celebrating responsibly. Please begin to exit the stadium at the southeast gate.”

Cool move by KU.

And Wow.

What a game.

What an ending!

That was fun.

Let’s do it this thing where we win again next week!