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Notebook: Will the Fair Pay Act Change College Sports?

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Football Match Photo by Stock Montage/Getty Images

How the Fair Pay to Play Act could change college sports
It seems as though Florida is trying to get legislation into law by 2020, which would greatly speed up this process, and then other states are appearing to move quickly as well. If it remains just California, I think the NCAA would have the power to simply exclude California schools, but if this extends to 5-10 states, I do think their hands will be tied, and the NCAA will have to change their bylaws.

Les Miles, KU football players address Khalil Herbert situation
"Obviously he's a great friend of mine and I'm going to be there for him whatever the case may be," Torneden said. "But I'm also here for the team."

How KU basketball players reacted to last week's NCAA news
Here's what three KU basketball returners had to say.

'I think they dreamed big': Les Miles recalls what made his past teams successful vs. Oklahoma |
“I do know of one fan that absolutely did not enjoy me, and he made it very clear in the number of words that he chose to speak to me,” Miles recalled earlier this week of some unrepeatable expressions one Oklahoma fan spouted his direction.

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