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Kansas Jayhawks Football Predictions: Texas Longhorns

Our staff gets together to tell you what is going to happen in tomorrow's game.

NCAA Football: Southern California at Texas Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas Jayhawks travel to Austin to take on the Texas Longhorns in primetime. Will KU make a game of it? Will anyone actually be able to watch?

Take a look at the predictions of our staff, then leave your own in the comments below.

Fizzle406: I don’t get why Texas fans are so sensitive about the horns down thing. It’s not like horns down is a racial slur or something. It’s a slight dig at your team like someone calling Kansas the chickenhawks. Maybe there is something more to the story I’m missing. Who knows. Anyway, texas will win this one. Texas 40, Kansas 11

dnoll5: Remember that time that a horrible Kansas team beat Texas? I do! That was fun. Saturday won’t be as fun. Although KU is improving and I’m anxious to see what the new OC will pull out of the bag, I think KU loses pretty easily. Texas 45, Kansas 28.

Kyle_Davis21: Brent Dearmon’s first game as offensive coordinator will be a topic of interest. The combination of new OC plus extra time to prepare should make for a better offensive performance. But while that time that Kansas beat Texas was fun, I don’t think it’s happening against this Longhorns team. Texas 38, Kansas 24

David: Hopefully we’ll see some offensive creativity and, more importantly, production with the move to Dearmon as OC. I’ll go ahead and predict a slight uptick in yardage and scoring, but not enough to make this a close game. Texas 42, Kansas 24

Andy: With no actual clue about how the offense is going to look, I can only base my prediction on what I know. Both of these defenses are beat up, with Texas extremely thin and Kansas missing some important pieces up the middle. Both of these offenses have the talent to score. I’m expecting a high scoring game, with Kansas breaking out early against Texas. Eventually the Longhorns will pull away, but not until late. Texas 45, Kansas 35.