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Podcast: Late Night, Brent Dearmon, and Twitter Questions

I’m joined by Fetch to talk about all the non-football game topics for KU.

You would think that with no game this week, news might slow down a bit. I expected to use this episode to talk a little bit about Late Night and speculate on how the basketball season might go. Instead, we got Snoop-gate, and Les Miles decided to switch things up at Offensive Coordinator. So Fetch and I had plenty to talk about.

Topics Include:
-Late Night Announcement Video
-Which was worse: Snoop Dogg content or apology?
-Brent Dearmon promoted to OC
-Any worry Dearmon could be TOO successful?
-Twitter Q&A (via @mikevilleKS and @ksu_fan): How much of Kansas “explosive plays” come from the BC game?
-Twitter Q&A (via @Fields_Lando): If the basketball team played against the football team IN FOOTBALL who would win?

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