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Player Ratings to the Theme of “Ugh”

That was not good.

Kansas v Texas Photo by Chris Covatta/Getty Images

Ugh. That was the general feeling after last night’s “performance” again Texas. KU couldn’t muster a performance that could rise over a lackluster Texas showing in a half empty and listless tuna can of an arena. Ugh. So today, we rate the players based on words with ‘ugh” in them. You might see a theme inside a theme here. Here we go.

5 Stars: Rough

Oh, man. That was rough. At no point did it really feel like KU was going to step it up. That game seemed doomed from the very beginning.

Nope. No one gets a five after a game like that.

4.5 Stars: Drought

Almost every time that KU needed to stop Texas, they got a basket. Every time Kansas needed a shot to drop to make the game interesting, something dumb happened. There was no prolonged drought in this one, but KU is having a hard time causing other teams to be bad and that is making it tougher on them.

Ochai Agbaji was the lone bright spot in this game. He had 24 points and seven rebounds and if it wasn’t for him, this game would’ve been Topeka YMCA, Part II.

4 Stars: Laughter

I’m hoping that the sound of cackling laughter is what we’re all hearing when KU turns this around. Laughter is a great medicine.

No fours this time around.

3.5 Stars: Throughout

Dominiation throughout for Texas. Like I said earlier, did it ever feel like Texas was going to let this slip?

No 3.5 star performances last night. It was Ochai plus passengers in this one.

3 Stars: Roughshod

Running roughshod. That’s what it felt like the Texas bigs were doing all game long (or at least should’ve been doing all game long). KU didn’t have an answer for much of anything.

Dedric Lawson. Man, when he isn’t having a game, does Kansas even have a chance to win? Is there a plan B?

2.5 Stars: Thoughtless

Yep, we’re breaking out the 2.5 star rating for this one. Careless, thoughtless, whatever word you want to use to describe KU’s lack of attention when it comes to the shot clock among other things. Sheesh.

Lagerald Vick. Hey Lagerald, that clock above the basket that has the red numbers and counts down from 30 is called the shot clock. If you don’t take a shot that at least hits the rim (it doesn’t even have to go in!), the other team gets the ball. Now you know.

Devon Dotson. Not a good game from the little freshman, but better than almost everyone else. That’s not saying much.

Mitch Lightfoot. Man, you knew Self had had enough when he inserted Mitch into the lineup for 14 minutes after he’d had that amount in the previous five games combined or something. It’s not Mitch’s fault that he was outsized and outmuscled by the Texas front line.

2 Stars: Enough

This has got to be what Bill Self is thinking right now. Nothing seems to be getting stuck in these guys’ minds. There is a lack of chemistry out there and when things don’t go immediately according to the game plan, plan B seems like it either takes forever to materialize or doesn’t materialize at all. Kansas made it too easy for Texas all night. Enough.

Almost everyone else. Here are the totals:

Quentin Grimes: Three points in 20 minutes. Those three were an early three pointer and then he disappeared.

Marcus Garrett: Two points and five boards in 29 minutes.

David McCormack: Two points in nine minutes.

1 Star: Slaughter

Slaughter was a terrible 80’s hair metal band.

Charlie Moore: What’s the point?

KJ Lawson: What’s the point to the fifteenth power?