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Player Ratings to the Theme of Famous People from Kentucky

Olympics Opn Cer

Well, that exhibition game in the middle of the conference season sure was fun. Or maybe it wasn’t, but at no time during it did I stress about the outcome, so that’s cool. Today, we rate the players based on famous people from Kentucky (and yes, Abe Lincoln was born there, but he was more famous for his time spent in Illinois so he will be left off). Anyway, on with the ratings.

5 Stars: Muhammad Ali

The greatest boxer of all time was born in Louisville in 1942 as Cassius Clay. He was arguably the most famous person in the world during his hey day. A deserved five-star if there ever was one.

No Kansas player garnered a five-star this game. Sorry.

4.5 Stars: George Clooney

We’ve been over this extensively on this site. He is a deserved 4.5 star choice.

Dedric Lawson. Twenty points and 15 rebounds and all 24,000 people in the arena knew he was the only threat that KU had all day.

4 Stars: Jennifer Lawrence

The Hunger Games star is the four-star choice this time. The Indian Hills, Kentucky native is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood.

This was the best that Quentin Grimes has looked for a while. He was relatively confident from outside (he was three of five) and if this loss was what it took to get Grimes going, I’m cool with that.

3.5 Stars: Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp has made a lot of movies in his 55 years on this Earth. The Owensboro, Kentucky native is probably most famous for the Pirates of the Caribbean series, but I feel he is much better when he isn’t constantly playing a caricature.

Devon Dotson is really important for KU. His constant foul trouble in this game meant that he didn’t really operate the way that he wanted to. Probably hurt by the fact that he was constantly matched up with a guy who appeared to be twice his size.

Ochai Agbaji made a three and offered some energy again. Seems like he’s going to have to be a little better for KU to be truly a multi-faceted threat offensively.

3 Stars: Billy Ray Cyrus

Ah, yes, Mr. Achy Breaky Heart. That made him famous. The younger generation knows him from Hannah Montana and as the father of Miley.

A few weeks ago, Marcus Garrett’s performance would’ve gotten him a higher score. Now that we expect more, this rating reflects our higher expectations of the sophomore.

David McCormack has a motor that won’t quit, and when he figures everything out, he’ll be a force. That will be next season at the earliest.

2 Stars: Helen Ruth Van Winkle

When I see the words “Instagram star” or Instagram influencer,” I will automatically put that person low on the list. This person is a 90 year old described as “The coolest grandmother on the block is kicking up a storm with her bright and out-there fashion sense.” You’re lucky such a scoundrel is taking the one-star is what I’m driving at here.

Lagerald Vick was a passenger in this game. Jay Bilas mentioned (about a thousand times actually) that Vick needed to get more involved. He didn’t until it was already over and KU lost.

1 Star: Jefferson Davis

The President of the Confederate States of America gets the one star selection. No-brainer.

No one was as bad as this guy.

No Rating:

KJ Lawson played a few minutes at the end of the first half when Dotson was sitting for incurring two fouls. He only played those three minutes.