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Kansas Jayhawk Basketball Predictions: Iowa State Cyclones

The crew gets together to try and figure out what is going to happen tonight.

Iowa State v Purdue Photo by Jonthan Daniel/Getty Images

The Kansas Jayhawk are back in action on a short turnaround after dropping a heartbreaker in Morgantown. Will the Iowa State Cyclones come into Allen Fieldhouse and pull off a sweep?

Mike.Plank: Lol this team just had an embarrassing loss to a BAD West Virginia team. Iowa State isn’t afraid of Kansas anymore, and already has a 17-point win over KU this year. The Streak died on Saturday, and the next nail in the coffin comes tonight. Iowa State 78, Kansas 72.

Fizzle406: it’s weird. The years I think we will dominate the big 12, we suck and the years I think we’d be lucky to win we do great. We do suck this year and Iowa state will complete the sweep. ISU 77, Kansas 50

Kyle_Davis21: The loss Saturday was bad, but I’m not ready to jump off the deep end. KU dropping a bad road game isn’t new. Remember 2015-16, when Kansas lost three straight Big 12 road games in January (with two home wins in between) and fate seemed to be sealed until the Jayhawks won 10 straight league games to win the title? And this loss still isn’t as bad as the infamous TCU game in 2013 (the streak didn’t end that year either). All I’m saying is the season isn’t lost yet. Speaking of that 2013 season, that was the last time KU lost multiple Big 12 games in a row. Six years ago. I don’t think it happens again, in AFH, on Monday. Kansas 75, Iowa State 72

dnoll5: I totally want to jump off the train here and say that this is where it derails, but I’m not going to. Shortly after the disaster in Morgantown, in a text exchange between friends, one of them wrote something to the effect of this: “Bill Self didn’t take a timeout in the last seconds because he wanted to see if his team could work through it and if they didn’t, they’d have that sting of defeat on themselves.” I think I buy most of that. Self certainly would like his team to learn from this, he knows the parity throughout the league, and that the league isn’t won or lost in January in West Virginia. I say that they come out with a vengeance and win this one. I’m not confident, but I’m still picking KU. Kansas 83, Iowa State 79.

David: The Hawkeyes are coming off one of the most efficient scoring performances of the decade in their 95-71 win over Illinois yesterday. I’m leery of picking a team playing their second game in as many days, but Iowa can flat out score. Hawkeyes 79, Jayhawks 73

Andy Mitts: The Big 12 this year is just plain weird, and for the most part, home court has been a huge advantage. The short turnaround is just long enough for Bill Self to lay in to them and get their attention, but not long enough to dwell on the loss and psychthemselves out. It's not going to be easy, but I think the Jayhawk gut one out to take the lead in the Big 12. Kansas 78, Iowa State 74.