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Player Ratings to the Theme of Meltdowns

That was horrible

George Brett

That was horrible and to compound it, the last few minutes were the worst! Let’s rate those dismal performances to the theme of famous meltdowns.

5 Stars: Chernobyl

This is a tragedy and shouldn’t be taken lightly. I can’t believe that they are allowing tourists to go there. Only a crazy person would visit the site of the worst nuclear meltdown ever.

No KU player reached five-star status.

4.5 Stars: George Brett in the “Pine Tar Game”

I love this moment. The pure rage that George Brett exhibits is a joy to watch. The absolute disgust that he shows for all involved is awesome. It’s gotta be the greatest sports meltdown of all time.

No one’s game was as good as Brett’s hilarious meltdown.

4 Stars: Mark Mangino and dollar signs

Had to throw this one in there. The dollar signs rant by former KU head coach Mark Mangino is an all-time classic and he was 100% correct about the decision that resulted in a Texas win.

Marcus Garrett. He was great all game until he took a jumper rather early in the shot clock and missed. WVU then scored and cut the lead. He was so good otherwise.

3.5 Stars: Stuff John McEnroe did

This seems kind of low, but considering the frequency with which McEnroe delivered his tirades, it seems like maybe he was just doing it because that was the thing he was supposed to do when things didn’t go his way.

Dedric Lawson. Another double-double but it took him too long to get active offensively. Maybe it was because KU was turning it over at a ridiculous rate.

3 Stars: That time David Hasselhoff drunkenly ate food off the floor with no shirt on

Hilarious. The former Knight Rider star drank too much, took off his shirt and then slurred his way through a hamburger, all while lounging on his living room floor.

Lagerald Vick. The three is more indicative of the fact that in games like that, Kansas needs Vick to show up for the entire game, not just a half.

Quentin Grimes. He is starting to see his shots fall. Still need more from the freshman.

Devon Dotson. Seven turnovers are far too much. He’ll learn.

David McCormack. Solid, but can’t earn a higher score.

Not sure why Ochai Agbaji didn’t play more. Could easily be a non-rating for the KC freshman.

2 Stars: Times other teams blew leads to bad teams

Too many to list, luckily. Share your fondest (or worst) memories with us in the comment section.

KJ Lawson had some quality minutes but all of that was for naught when he decided to drive the lane early in the shot clock, missed, and WVU cut back into KU’s lead.

Charlie Moore. Did nothing and didn’t get a chance to do less in the second half.

1 Star: This game

That was an embarrassment and a total waste of two hours.

The team as a whole. What a mess. It’s going to be more difficult than ever to get the 15th straight.

Not Rated: Mitch Lightfoot