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Kansas Jayhawks Basketball Predictions: West Virginia Mountaineers

The crew gets together to tell you what is going to happen today.

West Virginia v Gonzaga Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The Kansas Jayhawks are in Morgantown today to take on the disappointing West Virginia Mountaineers, a team that is still looking for their first win in the Big 12. Given how unpredictable the Big 12 has been this year, it’s hard to think that anyone really knows what is going to happen today. But our crew got together anyway to tell you, definitively, everything that you are going to see today.

dnoll5: West Virginia doesn’t exactly look like themselves these days, but you know that their home arena will be rocking when the Jayhawks come to town. Whether that means anything or not remains to be seen, but judging by what Bill Self has been saying this week, KU is preparing for the press like they’d do normally for a great WVU team. For me, I think KU will win, but it is a good test for the young guys to adapt to the relentless fouling pressure that WVU puts on their opposition. Kansas 77, West Virginia 67.

Kyle_Davis21: This is not your slightly older brother’s West Virginia Mountaineers. The defense is not as intimidating as in recent years. They don’t turn people over nearly as much as usual (17.5 percent compared to 23.4 percent last year), while turning it over themselves 21.7 percent of the time. The big question is if Sagaba Konate will miss another game with his knee injury. If so, a neutralized rim protection helps KU’s chances. I’m sure Kansas will give up part of a big lead at some point, but I still expect the Jayhawks to win somewhat comfortably. Kansas 78, West Virginia 70

Fizzle406: I know Kansas should win this game but KU has a tendency to play like butt in Morgantown. I’m optimistic for a win but wouldn’t be too surprised by a loss either. Kansas 77, West Virginia 70; New England 27, Kansas City 24

David: There’s no good reason to think Kansas won’t beat this West Virginia team, even in Morgantown. But this year’s Jayhawks seem capable of letting any team hang around, even the 0-5 Mountaineers. My guess is that somehow WV is right in this one with a few minutes left, and their home court advantage brings them their first Big 12 win of the season. West Virginia 73, Kansas 71

Mike.Plank: I had no idea West Virginia was a below .500 team until I started looking at previews and etc this week. Looking at their schedule, I think it’s weird that Kansas is only a 5.5 point favorite. Let’s be honest here, a Kansas loss would be pretty embarrassing. Now that KSU and ISU have helped KU get back in first place (thanks little brothers!) I don’t think Bill Self will let this one slip, even though KU doesn’t have a good track record in Morgantown. Jayhawks can’t lose this one and win the Big 12, so I’ll go Kansas 85, WVU 70.

Andy Mitts: There is absolutely no way that Kansas loses this game. I mean sure, West Virginia is supposed to be tough at home, and any given day in the Big 12, blah blah blah. But let’s be honest: West Virginia has no one down low that can take advantage of Udoka Azubuike being out, and the guys on the perimeter are just as offensively challenged and/or inconsistent as Kansas has been. Lagerald Vick stays hot for at least one more game, Dedric Lawson asserts himself down low, and Ochai Agbaji continues to show why he probably shouldn’t have been redshirted in the first place. West Virginia makes a run as the team wears down with only 6 players playing significant minutes, but KU wins comfortably. Kansas 83, West Virginia 75.