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Ranking KU's toughest remaining Big 12 games

Eastern Michigan v Kansas Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

The way Kansas has played so far, no game (or lead, for that matter) is safe. Still, some games are tougher than others. I looked through the remaining schedule to see which games ahead are likely the biggest obstacles, and ranked the top ten (note: this list excludes the Kentucky game, because I wanted to focus on Big 12 games and the SEC challenge will mean very little at the end of the season).

10) Home vs K-State on 2/25

As you can see, the bottom of this list won't exactly look terrifying. This made the cut over the three games not listed because KSU plays great defense, and Kansas has been prone to playing... not great offense.

Level of concern: 3

9) at West Virginia on 1/19

This is usually not only one of KU’s toughest Big 12 games, it’s one of their toughest games period. This year, though... West Virginia looks awful. They’re 0-5 in Big 12 play, and are coming off a 31-point loss to TCU.

Level of concern: 3

8) at Oklahoma State on 3/2

OSU hasn't been good this year, but road games are tough. Throw in that Oklahoma State already took down Texas in Stillwater, and the fact that Self's teams just seem to struggle there, and it's not a game you can chalk up as a win going in.

Level of concern: 4

7) Home vs Iowa State on 1/21

The games get a bit tougher at this point in the list. This rubber match is happening quickly enough that the drubbing in Ames should be fresh in the players' minds. Of course, Kansas couldn't handle OSU in Lawrence last year with the same type of motivation, so this could be a tough one.

Level of concern: 6

6) at Texas on 1/29

I bounced this game around quite a bit. One hand, Kansas looked like far and away the better team for much of Monday's game. On the other hand, it didn't seem to matter much, and this time they'll be on the road.

Level of concern: 6.5

5) Home vs Texas Tech on 2/2

The only reason this isn't higher is that Tech's offense has been very pedestrian in Big 12 play, and it's in Lawrence. That defense is scary, but KU's isn't shabby either. Kansas will be the favorite here but it could definitely go either way.

Level of concern: 6.5

4) at Kansas State on 2/5

KenPom has us at a 63% chance to win in Manhattan, but this matchup worries me a bit. The days of Allen Fieldhouse West seem to be over, and I can see this turning into a defensive rockfight that could go either way. It doesn't help that over the last few games the Wildcats seem to have remembered how to win basketball games.

Level of concern: 6.5

3) at Oklahoma on 3/5

Oklahoma refused to go away in their loss at Allen Fieldhouse, and there's a good chance this trip to Norman will have a lot riding on it. Oklahoma plays very good defense, and teams that do that scare me this year.

Level of concern: 7.5

2) at TCU on 2/1

Losing Jalen Fisher really hasn’t slowed TCU down too much. After a loss to Kansas, they came within two of knocking off Oklahoma in Norman and destroyed West Virginia. By February, Fisher may be back, making them even more formidable. (EDIT: Jamie Dixon just announced Thursday morning that Jaylen Fisher’s career at TCU is finished.) KP has them as the favorites, and I’d put this in the 50-50 category.

Level of concern: 7.5

1) at Texas Tech on 2/23

This will be the second meeting with the Red Raiders, and the winner may become prohibitive favorites to win the conference. Going on the road without much perimeter shooting and trying to take it to this Tech defense is a tall task.

Level of concern: 8.5