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Player Ratings to the Theme of Famous Drews

Barrymore and....more.

Kansas v CSN X

Hey, Kansas played Baylor and won! Scott Drew was probably the butt of an enormous amount of jokes from the Kansas fanbase as they game went on (and before the game and after the game and into infinity probably). But he’s not the only famous Drew out there. Today, we’ll judge the Kansas performances by comparing them to all (note: not all) the famous Drews.

5 Stars: Barrymore

This is the obvious number one, right? Drew Barrymore used to be in everything and has to be the most famous Drew in the world.

No Kansas player garnered a five-star this game. Sorry.

4.5 Stars: Gooden

This is a KU blog after all, so Drew Gooden had to make the list. The power forward was a force and averaged 15.6 points and 9.2 rebounds per game in his three years in crimson and blue.

Hot Lagerald Vick is back (hopefully). He nailed six of eight from long range to total 18 points. He still had some boneheaded turnovers in this one (a total of four on the day), and that gave him no chance to receive five stars.

4 Stars: Carey

Personally, I might have Drew Carey as the five-star pick, but I have to defer to the group mentality a little here. I absolutely loved (and still love) The Drew Carey Show and the version of Whose Line is it Anyway? that Drew spearheaded was comedy gold as well. The Price is Right is fine.

Ochai Agbaji is bringing some intensity to this team and has looked far better than expected. His ten points and three boards were highs for non-starters and he even nailed a three.

Devon Dotson. The announcers were marveling at his speed all game, but unless you see Devon in person, you just can’t tell. But man is he quick. He had 12 points, five rebounds, and five assists. The more you watch the more you might think that more than anyone else, his play may well determine if KU wins its 15thstraight conference title.

Of course, Dedric Lawson will have something to say about that as well. The Memphis transfer scored 17 points but somehow only managed three rebounds against the Bears. He did have five blocks and five steals which were both team highs.

3.5 Stars: Doctor

Dr. Drew was pretty awesome on MTV’s Loveline, as he was the straight man to Adam Carolla’s wacky “don’t get herpes” personality. Apparently, this show still exists in radio and podcast form. Interesting.

Another defensive gem from Marcus Garrett. If others are scoring (and he can dish it out like he is and play this kind of D), he is perfect for this team.

I’m not sure if Quentin Grimes deserves a 3.5 or a three, so I’ll hedge and give him the higher score. He was only one of four from three (most looked like they were going in though), but he did have a team high six rebounds.

3 Stars: Scott

Yep, I’m putting the Baylor coach as the three-star. Sure, we like to make fun of him over here because he is constantly being outcoached by Bill Self, but the man has done an admirable job at Baylor over the years, bringing that program back from the depths of hell.

I guess I always want a little more out of KJ Lawson. He gets a three today.

2 Stars: Lachey

Did you know that reality “star” Nick Lachey (the guy who was married to Jessica Simpson) has a younger brother named Drew? Neither did I until I researched this post. He was also in 98 Degrees and is also pretty unspectacular in almost every other realm of his “celebrity.”

1 Star: Plan B

British rapper Plan B’s real name is Drew. I’ve never heard of Plan B and he could be good, but the idea of British rap seems weird to me, so without knowing anything, this gets the one-star.

No one gets a two or one-star this time!

No Rating:

Mitch Lightfoot, David McCormack, and Charlie Moore. I must’ve been too busy watching the Chiefs to even notice these guys played.