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Kansas Jayhawks Basketball Predictions: Baylor Bears

The crew gets together to tell you what is going to happen in Waco today (and a bonus prediction from Arrowhead).

New Mexico State v Baylor Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Kansas Jayhawks got back on the right track against TCU on Wednesday, and they look to build a streak as they go on the road to Waco, TX to take on the Baylor Bears. Will they be able to build on the strong debut of Ochai Agbaji and stay above .500 in conference play?

Fizzle406: I’m expecting a loss but I wouldn’t be surprised by a win. Did I say this for my last prediction? It will be my prediction for every game going forward. I feel like I said that last time too. Also the Chiefs are losing. Baylor 77, Kansas 75; Colts 44, Chiefs 30

David: Both teams play good defense, neither team can shoot. This could turn into a rock fight. What I see as the big advantage for KU is that Baylor just doesn’t have the high end talent that the Jayhawks do, and unlike many recent Scott Drew teams, they don’t have a lot of sneaky good medium level talent either. Kansas 70, Baylor 66

dnoll5: Let’s see here, KU has Bill Self as a coach and Baylor has Scott Drew. Strike one for the green team. In the last game, KU appeared to start to figure it out, but Baylor also pulled one out against Iowa State. That seems to be a wash. KU is going to have the better players and the better coach and this might be the one time that the Farrell Center isn’t a mad house for KU since there are NFL games on and this is happening in Texas. I just don’t think that this Baylor team can beat the two best (arguably) teams in the Big XII in back to back games. Kansas 70, Baylor 58.

Kyle_Davis21: This might have been a worrisome game on Tuesday. But then Ochai came onto the court and into our hearts to save the season and reassure the fanbase. Baylor and KU are fairly even on defense, but despite what you think about KU’s offense, Baylor’s is worse (KU has the 29th best adjusted offensive efficiency according to KenPom; Baylor is 115). The Bears already had a big win this week at home against a ranked team; I’m not sure they can do it again. It’ll be close, but Kansas does enough to win. Kansas 72, Baylor 67

Mike.Plank: Kansas is feeling good right now, but Baylor probably is too. However, as several have noted, Kansas has the better talent and the better coach. I don’t think Baylor will suddenly start shooting way above their season average, while the Jayhawks will continue to roll with Agbaji sparking them. Kansas gets a huge road win; Kansas 84, Baylor 65. And yes, the Chiefs will lose in the snow. Colts 20, Chiefs 12.

Andy Mitts: Baylor is a good defensive team, but Kansas is much better. The only real question here is if the KU offense gets going. If they struggle, Baylor stays in this game until the end and will have a chance to win. But if Dedric Lawson stays hot and either Lagerald Vick or Quentin Grimes can get it going, then the Jayhawks should win this one easily. I’m thinking that both play better than Wednesday, and Agbaji plays well again as the Jayhawks coast to an easy win. Kansas 75, Baylor 62. And you guys are crazy, the Chiefs have a heated field, and the snow should be pretty much over by the time the game starts. Mahomes lights it up and the Chiefs roll to a win. Chiefs 55, Colts 31.