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Kansas Jayhawks Football Predictions: Central Michigan

The crew gets together to tell you what is going to happen in today's game.

NCAA Football: Central Michigan at Kentucky Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

After the season started in disaster, the Kansas Jayhawks are back in action, this time on the road against the Central Michigan. Is there any chance this team can break their ridiculous road losing streak?

Mike.Plank: I fully expect to see KU’s 47th-consecutive road defeat in person on Saturday afternoon. The Chips gave Kentucky a first-half scare last week, taking the ball away four times in the first half before stalling on offense in the second half. I don’t expect much from the CMU offense, and I do think KU has a decent shot at having an OK defense this year. I expect a low-scoring game, but one that KU never really has a chance of winning. A couple of turnovers will probably be enough to sink the Jayhawks in this one. Central Michigan 27, Kansas 17.

Fizzle406: After mistakingly picking Kansas to win last week, I am confident they won’t be winning in 2018. CMU will be the 47th straight loss. Not much more to say about this one. It’s gonna be a long season. CMU 30, Kansas 17

dnoll5: No chance. Not an iota of a chance. I’m with Mike and Fizzle. Not much else to say. Probably going to quote this each and every week from here on out. Might as well cut and paste it and I’ll add a hilariously embarrassing scoreline. Central Michigan 47, Kansas 18.

Kyle_Davis21: Can’t imagine the offensive line improves that much in a week, and that Kansas all of a sudden becomes an offensive juggernaut. Another road loss. More anger from the fan base. Like Mike, I think this one could be fairly low scoring and sloppy with turnovers. Central Michigan 28, Kansas 20

David: Here’s the thing. I still believe Kansas has the talent and experience to win this game and break the road streak. However, they don’t have a coaching staff that will put them in position to do this, and the offensive line is going to make it impossible to showcase the handful of offensive talents they have. This will be a slow game that no one but fans of these schools could possibly enjoy watching. Central Michigan 28, Kansas 17

Andy Mitts: There is no excuse for this team playing as bad as they have, yet somehow, here we are again. I’m not convinced this team is this bad, yet I have no confidence that David Beaty will be able to call the right game plan to get the victory. Central Michigan 28, Kansas 13.