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Podcast: Breaking down the Kansas Football Loss

I’m joined by Mike to talk about the disastrous season opener against Nicholls State

Nicholls v Kansas Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Well, that game was ... interesting. The only silver lining from Saturday’s game is that it gave us plenty to talk about. Unfortunately, a lot of it is similar to what we were saying last year.

Topics discussed:

-Any surprise from the game?

-Twitter Topics (via @loganzane512)

-Areas of improvement

-Areas of regression

-Twitter Topic (via DMeredith28): Game management

-Which Beaty game management decision was the worst?

-Twitter Q&A (via KCHoulton): Why does Beaty think KU should be the only team in the FBS to start an immobile QB? Also is it bad that said immobile QB is also inaccurate?

-Twitter Q&A (via @KCDave85): Why can’t we just #FireBeaty before the next game and use an interim?

-Twitter Topic (via @Orey222): Triple option

-Destroying the “Emmet” fan.

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