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Kansas Jayhawks Football Predictions: Oklahoma State Cowboys

The crew gets together to tell you how this weekend’s Homecoming matchup is going to go.

NCAA Football: Texas Tech at Oklahoma State Brett Rojo-USA TODAY Sports

It’s time once again for the Homecoming game. The one each year where Kansas alums come back to Lawrence hoping for a miracle, but all with the realization that their beloved Jayhawks are going to get creamed by another competent Big 12 football team. To help soften the blow, the crew got together to tell you what is going to happen so you can mentally prepare yourself for it.

Fizzle406: Kansas isn’t winning this one. People who took the under on that 3.5 win line have to be feeling pretty good right now. Oklahoma State 35, Kansas 15

Kyle_Davis21: This game wasn’t likely to be close anyway, but throw in that Oklahoma State just got embarrassed at home, only scoring 17 points, and we could see the Cowboys try and make an example of Kansas. KU’s passing game needs to drastically improve for the Jayhawks to have a chance. Maybe Carter Stanley gets more of an opportunity and Kansas finally throws for more than 200 yards, but it won’t be enough. Oklahoma State 35, Kansas 17

David: I can probably just paste this prediction in for most of the remaining games: Kansas has enough defensive talent to keep this score reasonable, but we all know there will be too many miscues for it to happen. OSU doesn’t have a great defense, but that doesn’t matter when you have no QBs and an almost impossibly inept coaching staff. Oklahoma State 38, Kansas 13

Jakebogen95: This game will be closer than many anticipate due to the way KU lost in Waco. I feel fairly confident Kansas scores a few with the help of Pooka Williams but it’s not going to be enough. Oklahoma State 31, Kansas 21

dnoll5: Nothing more to say than what has already been said above. What I’d like to see* is new and creative ways to get Pooka into open space. That’d be something. Other than that and a relatively decent defense, there’s not much to see here. OSU 37, Kansas 17.

*contractually obligated not to watch until Beaty is gone.

Mike.Plank: As usual, my prediction is in the preview post, and I don’t see any reason to change it. Kansas just doesn’t have the passing game to keep the OSU defense honest, and unless something crazy happens, KU will struggle to score points. Crazy things have happened before - see James Sims against OSU in 2012 or Khalil Herbert vs West Virginia in 2017. But predicting crazy things isn’t really my cup of tea, and I think the Homecoming crowd starts thinning out well before halftime. OSU 44, KU 17

Andy Mitts: I’m not sure how exactly Kansas actually wins this one, barring 6 turnovers by the defense. The offense is so one dimensional that I don’t really think it is going to take much to slow them down, and the defense is going to have its hands full with a potent OSU offense. Kansas keeps it close for maybe a half, and then OSU puts it away. Oklahoma State 31, Kansas 17