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Notebook: Beaty explains timeout usage

I’m not superstitious, but, I’m a little-stitious.

NCAA Football: Kansas at Baylor Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

David Beaty tries to explain the timeout usage debacle at Baylor, and claims it “won’t happen again.” In other news, leopards can now change their spots whenever they want.

Jeff Long has created another new position in the athletic department, hiring Chris Freet to be the deputy athletic director. Freet is a Cal graduate who comes to KU from the Arkansas athletic department.

Technically, freshmen and redshirt freshmen aren’t available to the media, but Holly Rowe tweeted out a two-minute chat with RB Pooka Williams. Be sure to read the comments section.

Kansas coaches know they have some adjustments to make with Big 12 defenses focusing on slowing down Pooka.

Tom Keegan makes the case for starting Carter Stanley at QB and calls out David Beaty for sidestepping questions about the quarterback position. One stat to me really sticks out:

Average score in Stanley’s Big 12 starts: Opponent 34, Kansas 18. Average score in Bender’s Big 12 starts: Opponent 49, Kansas 13.

Scott Chasen pulls out 10 tidbits from Beaty’s weekly press conference yesterday.

Shak Taylor talks about the defense’s performance from week 1 through week 4.

Matt Galloway notes that Steven Sims and Khalil Herbert have been very quiet for the Kansas offense so far in 2018.

Dave Skretta, an AP writer, discusses the state of college football at KU and K-State following last week’s losses by both schools. The first line of this article makes me question the writer’s competency. Where was this “prevailing thought?” Did he poll people? Did he just look on Facebook?

Kansas is nowhere to be found in the Bottom 25 rankings.

In other news...

The first all-female broadcast crew will be on the Amazon stream of Thursday Night NFL Football games.

Is Rutgers historically terrible?

The LSU band had a really cool halftime show last week.

SEMO’s president chugged a beer at a tailgate party.

Are you watching The Rock’s TV show Ballers? Apparently, this season has gotten pretty crazy.

Do the Kansas City Royals have hope for 2019?