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Kansas Jayhawks Football Predictions: Baylor Bears

The crew gets together to tell you what to expect this weekend.

Duke v Baylor Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

Coming off two back to back blowout victories, most Kansas fans aren't sure what to expect from this team moving forward.

Our staff got together to help clear up all the confusion. Just pick your favorite prediction below and defend it to the death in the comments.

Fizzle406: Here is how I see this game turning out: It’s like that episode of Seinfeld where Kramer starts taking karate. He absolutely annihilates the kids in his dojo. But in a later episode when Kramer refuses to wear the ribbon for the Aids walk, he faces a group of adults his own size and it doesn’t go well for him. Kansas beating up on CMU and Rutgers is Kramer in karate and playing a Big 12 schedule is Kramer in the Aids walk. Winning was fun but now we are playing the big boys and it’s not going to go well for us. Baylor 37, Kansas 13

Mike.Plank: I’m a little torn on this one. I want to drink the kool-aid, I really do. But then, I haven’t seen Kansas win a road conference game since 2008 - and most of those haven’t even been close. Additionally, there’s been some flukiness to the two wins so far this year; after all, how often do you get six turnovers in a game? It’s a game of strength vs strength (BU offense vs KU defense) and weakness vs weakness (BU defense vs KU offense). In 3+ years, I haven’t seen David Beaty win an FBS game where his defense had fewer than six turnovers, so it’s hard to predict that here. Baylor 34, Kansas 20.

Kyle_Davis21: This is going to be the first real test for the KU defense. Baylor has yet to throw for less than 270 yards in a game this season, so the secondary will have its hands full. On the other hand, Baylor’s defense is no bueno. The Bears gave up 225 yards on the ground to Duke and 220 yards rushing to Abilene Christian. So Pooka and the gang could have a productive day (#Pooka4Heisman lives another week). But unless the Jayhawks force another four-plus turnovers, I’m not sure the offense as a whole can put up enough points in the end. Baylor 31, Kansas 21

University of Kansas Graduate 2008: Baylor’s defense isn’t good, and even bad teams have been able to break some big runs and put points up against them. However, Kansas still doesn’t have an offense. I think our backs get us some big plays, but it won’t be enough to overcome a fast Baylor team on the road. Baylor 38, Kansas 28

dnoll5: I’m not sure on this one. That’s the best thing I could’ve envisioned saying if you’d have asked me this question at any point in the last two years. But, this is still Kansas and this is still a Big XII team not named Texas (remember that time when we beat them?), so I’m going to go with a Baylor win in this one. Baylor 28, Fighting Pookas 21.

David: I know I’ve said it before, but Kansas isn’t forcing six turnovers this week. We still haven’t seen this team win a FBS game under Beaty without doing that. I think the defense keeps Kansas in the game for quite a while, but this will be the best defense KU has faced this year. Outside of Pooka, the offense has still been dreadful. Baylor should stack the box and dare Kansas to beat them over the top. I don’t see KU responding by making plays in the passing game to keep them honest. Eventually, Baylor will pull away and KU won’t put up enough points to be in it late. Baylor 34, Kansas 17

Andy Mitts: It's hard to know what to expect with this team, as the defense is either going to be spectacular or turn out to be more lucky than good. The one thing no one has really talked about is that the weather in Waco is supposed to be absolutely horrible this weekend, giving them more opportunities to create turnovers in a sloppy game. Plus, the Kansas offense runs pretty much exclusively through the run, whereas Baylor tries to be more balanced. I think all of this combined for a low scoring win for the good guys. But I still don't think we will be able to read too much into these results. Kansas 14, Baylor 10