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It’s Time to Play “David Beaty BINGO”

Join the craze that’s sweeping the nation.

Rutgers v Kansas Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

The Kansas Jayhawks have surprised the nation by winning their last two games by a very large margin, throwing the world into chaos as people try to wrestle with the possibility that this might actual be a non-horrible team.

However, what has not changed is the questionable play-calling and decision making by one head coach named David Beaty. We have catalogued his many coaching sins and created a handy checklist of things you can expect to see every week.

Our first thought on how to use this list was to set up a drinking game. However, we have plenty of reasons to drink without finding more of them during the game. Instead, our very own Editor-in-Chief found a great way to make Kansas Football games entertaining, even if you don’t care for either of the teams.

Welcome to the first iteration of David Beaty BINGO, the game where you can turn the misdeeds of the Kansas coaching staff into a personal victory. The full list of squares that are used are below:

  • Call timeout before punting
  • Penalty after timeout
  • Run play on 3rd-and-10
  • Punt on 4th-and-1
  • Punt after crossing midfield
  • Pass, Pass, Run, Punt
  • Burn 3 TO in 1Q
  • Bubble Screen
  • Change QBs after scoring
  • Punt on 4th-and-2
  • FG attempt 50 yards
  • Trick Play (WR/HB Pass)
  • Penalties on back-to-back plays
  • Delay of Game after Substitution
  • Use timeout in 3Q
  • Run, Run, Pass, Punt
  • Other team scores first
  • Trail at Halftime
  • Lose the Game
  • Trail by 14 before halftime
  • Ice the Kicker
  • Fake Punt or FG
  • Play 3 QBs
  • Onside Kick

You can print an entire set of 30 cards here .

Feel free to suggest more square ideas as you play the game. We will continue to update the card options throughout the year.