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Notebook: Nicholls State Mauls Kansas

David Beaty coached his last home opener at Kansas

Nicholls v Kansas Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Kansas News

Beaty after KU loss: 'The sun is going to come up tomorrow'
"It's Game 1, man. We're going to learn a lot from it, and that's a good football team," Beaty said on his radio interview. "It is a good football team, but the sun is coming up tomorrow. They have to work on getting better. They've got to look themselves in the mirror, just like I do."

Mistakes cost KU football in home opener vs. Nicholls State
With just under four minutes to play in the third quarter and the score tied, Nicholls State running back Kendall Bussey lined up in the backfield. After receiving the handoff, Bussey hit a huge hole between the center and right guard and found open space.

He ran the ball 40-yards for a touchdown that gave Nicholls State the lead in KU’s backyard.

The hole was there because KU defensive line didn’t appear to be set on the play.

Alex Fontana frustrated by 'unacceptable' snapping performance
But in KU's 26-23 overtime loss to Nicholls State, Fontana had three snaps completely miss the mark with a fourth accidentally being snapped to a running back rather than starting quarterback Peyton Bender.

Quick recap: KU football falls to Nicholls State in overtime |
The University of Kansas football team lost its 12th-straight game Saturday at Memorial Stadium in the season opener.

Notebook: Pooka Williams unavailable in Week 1 |
The long-awaited debut of freshman running back Pooka Williams didn’t go as planned Saturday night at David Booth Kansas Memorial Stadium.

Familiar result: Kansas football suffers overtime loss to Nicholls State |
But head coach David Beaty’s fourth season opener ended the same as his first, in 2015, with a home defeat at the hands of an FCS opponent.

Other Sports News

USA Gymnastics Is Imploding
For a brief moment after last month’s national championships, it seemed like things were getting better, if only slightly, for USA Gymnastics. We had the return of gymnastics juggernaut known as Simone Biles, who demonstrated that nine months of training is all she needs to become unstoppable in the sport once again.

TEXAS IS BACK to not being back: College football’s best Week 1 stuff -
On Saturday, the Texas Longhorns followed up eight years in the wilderness by signaling that they’re not even close to getting out of the woods.

Notre Dame beats Michigan: 7 things we learned -
Neither team was expected to have great passing from the pocket, due to some unproven receivers. But both Notre Dame’s Brandon Wimbush and Michigan’s Shea Patterson are rather mobile, though Wimbush has better top-end speed, and both have showed they can be dangerous outside of the pocket.

College football rankings: Week 1’s 10 most impressive performances -
Okay, yeah, this wasn’t the most spectacular weekend in the history of college football season-opening weekends. But there were still some statements and stellar performances to be found.

College football rankings: Lol imagine ranking teams after Week 1 -
The Top Whatever exists for one reason: So I can rank teams however the hell I want to rank them.

At Miami, history is right there on the sidelines (and it’s yelling at you) -
Imagine you’re a University of Miami football fan. For nearly two decades you’ve either heard about, or longed for the memory of a chaotic Orange Bowl and a huge Saturday night battle between your Hurricanes and a marquee name — a Florida State, a Notre Dame, a Michigan. Through coaching changes, through NCAA investigations, through disappointments and underachieving, you’ve waited.

Other News

Avengers 4 Fan Trailer is Impressive, Has Lots of Time Travel
“Avengers 4: Avengers Assemble,” an animated fan trailer for the upcoming Marvel Studios movie created by bigoso animations, is minimal but arresting: using a slow, somewhat stuttery frame rate and sharp but basic animation, it envisions a version of Avengers 4 that caters to every fan theorist’s dreams.

Michael Jackson Really Was on The Simpsons, Says Groening
So, in the third-season The Simpsons episode “Stark Raving Dad,” Homer Simpson meets a mental health patient named Leon Kompowsky who believes that he’s Michael Jackson. And he pulls off the voice well. So well, in fact, that fans have speculated for years, despite Jackson’s name not appearing in the credits (Kompowsky’s voice actor was credited as John Jay Smith), it was, in fact, Jackson doing the vocal work.