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Notebook: #kubball to start Boot Camp; Texas A&M Mauls Kansas Soccer

Say it ain’t so, i will not go

NCAA Football: Rutgers at Kansas Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas News

Every Kansas Jayhawks football win of the last decade, ranked -
Below is a catalogue of every Jayhawk win since the 2008 Insight Bowl.

Kansas Jayhawks football vs Rutgers: Pooka Williams analysis | The Kansas City Star
Anthony Williams Sr. has his best friends around him, smiling as wide as he can while standing in the fifth row of section 7.

No. 18 Jayhawks fall to No. 4 Texas A&M, 3-0 - Kansas Jayhawks
Kansas soccer dropped its first match of the season, falling 3-0 at No. 4 Texas A&M in the final outing of nonconference play Sunday afternoon inside Ellis Field.

KU football grades: Reviewing the win over Rutgers
However, generally speaking the quarterbacks were unspectacular. The duo of Kendrick and Bender combined to complete 14 of 23 passes for 139 yards, one touchdown and no interceptions. Originally I was going to give them a C-, but actually thinking about it a little more, the fact that there weren't any huge handoff issues shows that they were at least able to get out of the way and let an offense that was rolling continue to go to work.

PFF releases National Team of the Week for Week 4
The third weekend of the 2018 college football season is in the books and Pro Football Focus has released its National Team of the Week for Week 3, highlighting the top performers in the country according to PFF grades

Podcast: What to make of KU football's blowout win over Rutgers
The Podcast kicked off at the start of July as a way of bringing you KU basketball, football and recruiting coverage in another format. Here are some of our past episodes if you're interested in checking them out:

Jayhawks bracing for another Bill Self boot camp |
Without hesitating and in that self-deprecating, Self sort of way, the Kansas coach said simply, “Our conditioning’s awful.”

Brad Davis wins Ross Randall Shootout |
It’s been a good year for members of the 1999 Kansas men’s golf team that won the Big 12 title.

Other Sports

Dez Bryant is tweeting a lot about the NFL and Cowboys as a free agent -
Dez Bryant reportedly turned down an offer from the Baltimore Ravens early in the offseason, and his August visit with the Cleveland Browns didn’t end with him signing a contract either.

Marquette King of Denver Broncos takes shot at Oakland Raiders coach Jon Gruden in social media post
Shortly after the Broncos defeated the Raiders 20-19 on a 36-yard field goal by Brandon McManus with six seconds remaining in the game, King took to social media. King posted a video on Twitter that included a Chucky doll with money stuffed into its mouth -- an apparent reference to Gruden and the 10-year contract the coach signed with the Raiders this offseason.

Clay Matthews: Roughing the passer penalties 'out of control' after 'unbelievable' flag
Clay Matthews accepted responsibility for his roughing-the-passer penalty that nearly cost the Packers their season-opening win against the Chicago Bears. He didn't feel the same way a week later after he was flagged again Sunday on a play that wiped out a potentially game-clinching interception late in the fourth quarter of the 29-29 tie with the Minnesota Vikings.

Jacksonville Jaguars LT Cam Robinson has torn ACL in left knee
Jacksonville Jaguars starting left tackle Cam Robinson has a torn ACL in his left knee, ESPN has confirmed.

Furious college football fans react to Week 3, led by the Auburn Tigers -
Welcome back to THIS WEEK IN SCHADENFREUDE. All aboard the trolley car for your journey through angry college football fans, which this week starts on the Plains.

4 reasons Nebraska fans shouldn’t panic about Scott Frost’s slow start -
Nebraska football has been pretty underwhelming in the first few weeks of the Scott Frost era. But it’s also not that shocking.

Dwyane Wade posts 10-minute tribute video to announce he’s not retiring yet -
Dwyane Wade will return for one more season with the Miami Heat, the 12-time NBA All-Star announced in an emotional video on his personal Twitter. The video runs for just under 10 minutes and features an emotional Wade talking about his career, his outlook and much more.

Other News

Hawkeye Gets a Lot Done in the Avengers Movies, Actually
At least, that’s according to the analysis of YouTuber Matt Solazzo, who recently published a video detailing Hawkeye’s impressive kill count in the Avengers movies. Turns out, he’s, uh, actually pretty valuable to have on the team, at least so long as you’re fighting aliens or robots or any other horde-style enemy.

Look, Weezer is going to just keep doing cover songs until you love them again, all right?
Weezer’s transition into America’s most successful touring cover band continued this week, when the band—which recently got a lot of credit for convincing people its thoroughly adequate cover of Toto’s masterpiece “Africa” was actually good—whipped out another karaoke classic: Blink-182's existentially catchy “All The Small Things.”

Fortnite has now been cited in more than 200 divorce proceedings
Every few years, an obsession comes along in the gaming world that sweeps everything else off the board. Coverage of games like World Of Warcraft and Minecraft frequently takes on the tone of some kind of epidemic thriller, as reports spread of hooked kids, infuriated parents, and shattered relationships. Now, Fortnite—the massively popular, free-to-play online shooter that boils the current battle royale game craze down into its most efficient and addictive form—is the latest vector of infection, and it’s reached a new milestone in its “video games as pox upon society” career.

Is Breakfast Cereal Any Good for You?
Wrangle up the right studies and you can make anything look deadly. Breakfast cereal—at least, the kind without cartoon mascots—might seem innocuous, and might be marketed as healthy, but that’s no reason to think that every naturally-flavored bite isn’t speeding you towards the grave. Nothing, in this world, is above suspicion—not even tasteless health-store bran flakes.