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Rutgers: The View from Section 9

A Twitter-esque recap of the Kansas football game vs Rutgers.

NCAA Football: Rutgers at Kansas Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports


Gonna be a hot one.

Taking the baby to the game. Could be interesting...

Don’t worry, we have noise-cancelling headphones for her. She’ll be fine.

Gonna have to get up under the press box, stay in the shade.

Got a late start today.

Won’t get to the stadium until right before kickoff.

KU won a toss! Jayhawks defer.


Third play of the game, a Kansas timeout? When Rutgers has third-and-10?

I don’t understand a lot of things, including A) why KU called that timeout and B) how David Beaty is still the head coach of a P5 football team.

KU defense forces three and out - and they only used one timeout!

Delay of game on the defense? Is that an actual thing?

They said it was because the defense wasn’t “ready for play.”

LMAO OK whatever.

Azur Kamara drops a sure INT, maybe even a pick-6.

Torneden got one anyway! A pick-6 that is.

Bender looks not great again.

Fumble recovery!

Missed a wide open guy - WIDE OPEN GUY - in the end zone.

Seem to be throwing a lot of fades today. What’s that about?

Aaaaaaaand the field goal attempt is blocked - dude came in untouched up the middle - and scoops and scores.


If that’s not just typical for a David Beaty coached team I dunno what is.

KU putting together a real drive now.

Kendrick sighting midway through the drive. That’s weird.

But I’m not upset about it.

Kendrick’s fade pass complete for a TD!

Nice adjustment by the receiver.

Got a fumble recovery! So many turnovers!

Rutgers is allergic to pigskin apparently.

Another fumble recovery!

That’s three turnovers - should be four!

Defense is playing great. I think.

Kendrick still out there.

WTF another blocked field goal?

At least this one wasn’t returned.


Mike Lee pick six!


Exchanging a few punts now. This is more like the game I expected.

Well now Rutgers is finally putting together a drive.

Going ground-and-pound.

And they score.

But Khalil Herbert answers with the big run!

He’s our best back.

I know everyone has Pooka fever but Herbert is a workhorse.

He pulled away from the trailing defenders. Not just outran them, but increased the distance between him and the guys chasing as he went down the field.


Miles Kendrick pumping up the crowd as the clock ticks down to zero before halftime.

Nice ovation from the crowd as KU runs off the field.


Too much excitement for the baby. Taking a nap on the concrete.

Yes, she has blankets and stuff under her. She’ll be fine.

So - KU defense looks good, yes?

One thing I’ve noticed is that the Rutgers QB hasn’t been under much pressure.

He’s just... well I guess he’s just have a really bad, awful, terrible day, because he had his pick of scholarship offers across the ACC, Big 10, and a few SEC schools.

Harry Potter is the tribute by the band today, FYI.


KU gets the ball first in the second half.

Makeable first down but Schadler drops it. Three-and-out.

Kendrick threw it slightly behind him but he should have made the catch.

David Beaty is quite possibly the worst fourth-down coach in all of college football.

8:30 to go in the third quarter. 4th-and-8 from the Rutgers 38. Up 31-7. Opportunity knocks to put a dagger in Rutgers.

So of course, KU runs to the line and tries to draw them offsides. Doesn’t work.

Let the clock wind down and call timeout, right? That’s the smart play, right?



Take the five yard penalty, idiot.


Fire him now. I don’t care what the final score of this game is.

Rutgers’ offense is terrible.

Coe Harris first INT as a Jayhawk!

Rutgers not fooled by that halfback pass. Wow that could have been bad.

Rutgers finally puts in the backup QB, a senior.


OK maybe Pooka is the best RB on the roster.

I’m not sure Herbert makes those cuts and scores that TD.

Kid is something else, for sure.

Mostly a running clock this quarter - both teams running the ball.

Carter Stanley time!

Rutgers putting a drive together, but penalties stall them.

And now KU’s fourth-string QB is in.

And the Rock Chalk chant starts with a minute to go!



We should do that more often.

By that I mean, be the team that scores 55 instead of the team that scores 14.

Rutgers only drove the field on KU’s starters once.

Still, that stupid blocked field goal for TD.

They couldn’t even score on our second and third-stringers, but admittedly, mostly because of penalties.

I don’t know what to do with myself right now.

Is Kansas... good?

Still not sure we’ve played an offense with a pulse.

Guess we’ll find out next week.

I just realized - I don’t think Bender played in the second half.

I won’t be upset if Kendrick is the guy going forward.

Anyway. Had fun today, y’all.

Wish you coulda been here.

But wow, was it hot. I can’t even imagine sitting out in the sun today.

Let’s see if we can go get Baylor kicked out of the Big 12 now.