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Kansas Jayhawks Football Predictions: Rutgers

NCAA Football: Nicholls State at Kansas Amy Kontras-USA TODAY Sports

We've seen two very different results in two weeks of play for Beaty and the Kansas Jayhawks. Week one brought us an embarrassing overtime loss to FCS opponent Nicholls State. Week two brought us the end of the famed road losing streak, and a rare blowout victory. What does the RCT crew see happening this week as Rutgers visits Lawrence?

Mike.Plank: Remember in 2013 when Louisiana Tech came to town? Both offenses were terrible (and/or both defenses were good) and KU won on a last-second 53-yard field goal. That’s kinda what I envision for Saturday. Both teams feature experienced defenses and struggling offenses. The emergence of Pooka Williams should give Kansas some hope, and the return of Todd Reesing should help sell a few extra tickets. I’ll drink the kool-aid one more time, but this is the last game Kansas wins in 2018. Kansas 24, Buttgers 23.

ToddReesingIsTheBestEverAndILoveHim: I can’t believe this, but I’m actually going to predict a Kansas win. I can’t shake the feeling that KU ekes out some nasty looking victory in this one, and then the fanbase just goes wild and thinks Beaty really is “the man” and this season is “different.” I think KU pulls out a low-scoring, sloppy game at home, gets everyone’s hopes up, and then proceeds to get crushed week in and week out in the Big 12. Kansas 19, Rutgers 17

dnoll5: Welp, I guess Rutgers really sucks because people are predicting Kansas to win. Why not? I’ll join the masses and predict one too. As I pledged in our group text chain during or directly after the Nicholls loss, I will not be watching a minute of this season, so I’ll have to go by what I saw of highlights and gifs on twitter and that is that Pooka Williams is good. Pooka Williams 21, Rutgers 20.

David: As fun as beating up on Central Michigan was, I think there was some fool’s gold there. Kansas won’t force six turnovers this week, nor will they be facing a team with quite the same dearth of talent. Defense was the strength of last year’s Rutgers team, and they returned most of their key players. KU’s defense should hold their own against a bad Rutgers offense, but I have a hard time seeing the Jayhawks moving the ball. Kansas loses a sloppy game. Rutgers 21, Kansas 17

Kyle_Davis21: While I agree Kansas won’t force six turnovers again, Rutgers hasn’t exactly been great at protecting the ball. The Scarlet Knights turned the ball over four times against Texas State (three interceptions and one fumble) and threw another two interceptions against Ohio State. I have to assume they turn it over at least once or twice, and that coupled with playing on the road will keep it close. Give me the fighting Pookas in a nail-biter. Kansas 20, Rutgers 17

Fizzle406: Lots of Kool-Aid here. I said last week that I wouldn’t be predicting a Kansas win for the rest of this season. Despite last week’s win, I am sticking to that prediction. Kansas will lose and will look like butt doing so. Rutgers 34, Kansas 9

Andy Mitts: After everything I’ve read and heard, I’m still having a hard time thinking that Kansas is losing this one. Sure it’s great that Todd Reesing is in the building, but that won’t be enough to push them past a semi-competent Rutgers squad. Rutgers 21, Kansas 17.