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Notebook: Kansas attempting to build offensive line from scratch

Oh, I wanna dance with somebody

NCAA Football - Florida Atlantic vs Kansas - September 3, 2005 Photo by G. N. Lowrance/Getty Images

Jesse Newell asks a question we all probably already know the answer to: Can you build an offensive line in four months?

Newell asks that question because, with fall camp beginning, Beaty went through the roster changes with reporters over the weekend. The Jayhawks added four offensive linemen in a transfer from Cal and three Jucos, as well as four other Juco players. KU also lost five players, including two offensive linemen in Hunter Saulsbury and Larry Hughes, as well as RB Kezelee Flomo to a heart condition.

It looks like Houston transfer Alex Fontana may end up being KU’s starting center this year.

Beaty admitted that KU’s offensive line has been a problem area in his tenure, even invoking Montell Cozart when talking to reporters on Saturday.

Benton Smith writes a confusing article that says the quarterback race is unsettled and no one is separating themselves, but that it’s working toward a quick resolution.

This is a nice story by Matt Galloway who introduces us to Daniel Wise’s parents, who raised three defensive linemen and who Daniel Wise leaned on when making his decision to return to KU for his senior season.

For some reason, Kansas QBs don’t seem too worried about the lack of chemistry on what will be revamped O-line, saying that communication is more important anyway.

Kendrick and Stanley break down the strengths that they bring to the QB position.

Daylon Charlot believes he will be an All-Big 12 caliber receiver this year.

Did you catch the article about Big 12 coaches anonymously roasting KU football? But don’t worry you guys. David Beaty is a good coach! That’s what they ALL said!! (Yeah I just linked my own article. Deal with it.)

West Virginia SBN site Smoking Musket previews the KU-WVU matchup.

In other news...

Alabama QB Jalen Hurts apparently isn’t getting along with the coaching staff very well.

Ohio State says it will conclude its investigation into Urban Meyer within the next 14 days.

How many schools for kids have YOU built, Mr. President?