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Kansas Jayhawks Football Predictions: Nicholls State

The crew gets together to tell you what is going to happen in tomorrow’s season opener.

Oklahoma v Kansas Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

It’s that time again, the time where we have the obligation privilege of telling you how the upcoming game is going to go for the Kansas Jayhawks. Once again, KU fans come into the season with a sense of dread optimism, anxiously awaiting the opportunity to get a glimpse of how bad good this team might be.

So what is going to happen in tomorrow’s game? We asked the crew what they thought. After you read their predictions, feel free to scroll down to the comments and leave your own.

Mike.Plank: I’ve been on record all summer long that KU is going to lose this game, and nothing I’ve seen or heard out of fall camp has convinced me otherwise. Nicholls is experienced, deep, and yes, even talented, and I think they get their first P5 win after barely missing the last two years at Texas A&M and Georgia. I’m not having the kool-aid, but I do plan to imbibe various alcoholic beverages prior to the game to ease the pain that’s coming. Nicholls State 37, Kansas 31.

David: Too many fans have turned Nicholls State into Alabama in their minds. The last two Kansas teams that lost to FCS opponents were very inexperienced teams with brand new coaches. The is a senior laden squad that knows what the stakes are this year. Kansas wins the game without any fourth quarter drama. Kansas 34, Nicholls State 24

dnoll5: The fact that I have no idea how this could actually turn out probably gets to the true heart of the problems surrounding Kansas football. Should KU go out there and smash a team from a lower division, yes? (As a side note, I remember going to a game in high school where KU beat UAB 77-0 the year before the Blazers ascended to division one. Ah, the good old days). But WILL the Jayhawks do what a team with their resources and P5 status should do? That’s the real question. To that, I say no. Kansas will win, but we’ll feel worse (somehow) about their prospects this season after they do. Kansas 34, Nicholls State 31.

Fizzle406: I am completely confident of a Jayhawks win. Sure Kansas sucks but if they can’t beat Nicholls State, a school I did not know existed until just now, then they should just hang it up and sit the rest of the season out. Kansas 31, Nicholls state 10

Kyle_Davis21: To David’s point about turning Nicholls State into Alabama, the FCS teams that have had the most success in beating FBS teams are those thought to be the best. North Dakota State is always at the top. When Appalachian State beat Michigan in 2007, it was the No. 1 team in FCS with 67 of 70 first-place votes. Nicholls State is good (ranked No. 18 in the preseason) but not that good. Kansas is also not nearly to the level of Michigan or Kansas State when it lost to NDSU. But I think there’s enough of a difference that Kansas pulls out a closer-than-it-would-like win. Kansas 31, Nicholls State 24

Jakebogen95: Nope. I refuse to believe Nicholls State will beat Kansas. Peyton Bender show em’ what you’re made of! Kansas 45, Nicholls State 13

Andy Mitts: I’m torn on this one. Sure, I’ve been burned too many times by thinking that this team was going to be much better and buying into the hype. But I’ve also heard from beat writers that I respect (i.e. not sunshine pumpers) that the offensive line does look significantly more capable when compared to past iterations. So while I do think they pull this one out, I’m also concerned about the ability of the secondary to keep Nicholls State from keeping up with the Jayhawks. Kansas 42, Nicholls State 31.