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Podcast: NET replaces RPI and more Kansas Football Preview

I’m joined by our very own Grad to talk about the latest NCAA basketball news and get another perspective on this football team.

NCAA Basketball Tournament - East Regional - Wisconsin v Florida Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

We are settling into our regular podcasting schedule, as from this point through the rest of the football season (except for maybe the bye week), we will have two episodes per week. On Monday or Tuesday, we will talk about the previous game, including any action from other sports over the weekend. Then on Thursday or Friday, we will preview the upcoming weekend, focusing on the football game.

For today’s episode, we have a little bit of basketball news, although it relates to the sport as a whole instead of just to KU. Then we talk with Grad about the football season, getting another perspective on all the reports we have heard coming out of camp.

Make sure to check back Friday, as we’ll preview the Nicholls State game with David.

Topics discussed:

-Thoughts on the RPI being replaced?

-Anything about the new metric (NET) that you don’t like?

-Bender as the QB?

-Do you see any improvement for the offensive line?

-How will the nonconference schedule go?


-QBs to start a game for Kansas this year? (2.5)

-Steven Sims TD receptions (9.5)

-Khalil Herbert 200+ yard games (2.5)

-Times that Kansas is losing by less than 10 points at the half (4.5)

-Punts on 4th and 1 (11.5)

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