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Notebook: KU Basketball “Might” be Challenged for 15th Straight; Jayhawk Network Now Blackout Free

She lies and says she’s in love with him; can’t find a better man

Duke v Kansas Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Kansas News

Rock Chalk Choice Awards nominees for Supporting Role, Crimson Climb announced - Kansas Jayhawks
Nominees for the seventh annual Rock Chalk Choice Awards are beginning to be unveiled, starting with the nominees for the Best Jayhawk in a Supporting Role and the Crimson Climb awards, which will be presented at the event on September 9 at the Lied Center.

ESPN: Kansas could be challenged for Big 12
Kansas is heading for its 15th straight Big 12 Championship in 2018-19, and ESPN’s Myron Medcalf wrote that the Big 12 “is once again Kansas’ league. But there are enough contenders to make this a fascinating conference.”

Fall Camp report: NFL the dream for KU football offensive lineman Hakeem Adeniji
“I’ve always been self motivated, and I compete with myself every day," Adeniji said. "There’s no complacency because I know it’s not OK to settle because there’s always ground to get better. I know if I want to do what I achieve to do in this game, that everyday I have to come out there and play like my spot is on the line.”

Schedule watch: Top 10 KU basketball games to look forward to in 2018-19
The Jayhawks will play several basketball powers during non-conference play, such as defending National Champion Villanova, Michigan State and Kentucky. They'll have the chance to avenge losses they suffered last year, like one to Arizona State in Allen Fieldhouse, and even have the chance to get one over on a former Big 12 coach in Rick Barnes and Tennessee.

Jayhawk Network now open to more KU fans, blackout-free. Here’s how to get it
KU Athletics announced Thursday that the network, which airs 200 live events, including one football game and six men’s basketball games, will be available live and blackout-free to all fans through ESPN+ — an online subscription service that costs $4.99 per month.

Svi’s peers praise his shooting in poll: ‘Klay Thompson comparisons are premature’
“The Klay Thompson comparisons are premature (and unfair), but he was shooting the lights out at the Thomas and Mack Center (at UNLV) in July. His shot mechanics and footwork look like they’re going to translate to the next level,” wrote Christian Revis of

Other Sports News

Why Your Team Sucks 2018: Kansas City Chiefs
At a home game a couple years ago I was standing in line for a port a potty behind this crusty 60-year-old man decked out in Chiefs gear. Out of nowhere he points to an interracial couple walking by and tells me that it makes him sick. He had every expectation that I would high five and agree with him.

Alabama Crimson Tide Derrick Thomas is remembered by the QBs he sacked during record season
"When it happened," Shell said, "the hit, I saw a spark."

NBA expected to pass rule changes, including changing shot clock to 14 seconds after offensive rebound
The NBA's board of governors are expected to pass rule changes for the 2018-19 season that include resetting the shot clock after an offensive rebound to 14 seconds from 24, simplifying the clear-path foul rule and expanding the definition of the "hostile act" to more easily trigger instant replay, league sources told ESPN.

The untold stories of Barry Sanders' record-setting 1988 season
The first time Barry Sanders touched the football in 1988, he scored a touchdown. Fittingly, the final time he carried it for Oklahoma State that season, he scored as well.

College football rankings 2018: All 130 teams, from Bama to UTEP -
Now that I’ve written previews about each of FBS’ 130 teams, and now that I’ve broken down each conference’s balance of power, it’s time for the ultimate task of each preseason: breaking down FBS’ balance of power.

Golden State Warriors’ future may be less certain if they dominate again -
The better the Golden State Warriors are this season, the more likely they’ll fall apart later on. That may seem counterintuitive, but this isn’t a normal team. There’s a real case to be made that an easy ride through the league in 2018-19 could mean the end of these Warriors as we know them.

Kobe Bryant’s best and worst 40-point games, ranked -
Thursday, Aug. 23 is Kobe Bryant’s 40th birthday. It will always be a day celebrated in basketball history. But because it’s The Black Mamba’s 40th birthday, we decided to do something a little special.

Urban Meyer and the disease of unearned loyalty -
For years, Urban Meyer kept an alleged domestic abuser on his coaching staff. There was a press conference on Wednesday night in Columbus about that, Ohio State’s investigation, and how Meyer and athletic director Gene Smith will serve short suspensions for their leadership failures. Someone asked Meyer if being away from football had been hard on him personally. We’re glad someone is thinking about Meyer’s feelings in this trying time.

Other News

We should be eating medium-rare pork
The stigma against well-done steak does not extend to its white-meat cousin, pork. Americans don’t think twice before cooking our pork chops until they’re white (verging on gray) throughout, and some people might even squirm a bit when served a pink-center tenderloin. But friends, that’s wrong. To avoid the menace of shoe-leather pork, we should in fact be cooking it to medium-rare.

Jim Parsons was the one who pulled the plug on The Big Bang Theory, apparently
Having finally—some might say cruelly—managed to pass the existential taint of pop culture fixture Sheldon Cooper on to the young shoulders of poor, doomed Iain Armitage, Jim Parsons is finally free. That’s the takeaway from an Entertainment Weekly article today, which strongly implies that CBS decided to kill its laugh track-assisted golden goose, The Big Bang Theory, because star Parsons told them he was Bazing-done with the series after 12 seasons on the air.