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Notebook: Corione Harris continues to draw rave reviews from teammates

Yeah, well, at least your name isn’t Michael Bolton.

TCU v Kansas Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Top recruit Corione Harris continues to draw rave reviews from his teammates, but coaches haven’t committed one way or the other as to whether or not the heralded freshman has done enough to earn a starting job, or as to how much he’ll play if he doesn’t start.

Hakeem Adeniji talks more about the torn labrums (plural) he suffered last season, and how that has affected his mental toughness.

Peyton Bender talks about his Juco experience, calling it “a great experience, a humbling experience.” What I get out of that article is something completely different, though. Apparently, Bender was #1 on the depth chart all of last year; Carter Stanley only started a couple of games in the middle of the season due to an undisclosed injury to Bender.

Jesse Newell takes a shot at five predictions for the upcoming season. Some of them are quite bold: KU will break the road losing streak in 2018 - while others aren’t so bold: the QB carousel will continue. Also, I’m sorry Jesse, but the Jayhawks aren’t winning three straight close games to open the year. What have you seen out of this program over the last three years to make you think they’ll even win one? I love ya, Jesse, but come on, man!

Our own Andy Mitts represented RCT on the Burnt Orange Nation podcast yesterday.

Kansas basketball is one of six finalists for the #10-ranked player in the 2019 class, SG Josh Green.

Kansas women’s soccer has 11 new faces this season, but coach Mark Francis loves their mentality so far in fall camp. The Jayhawks defeated Colorado State 3-2 a few days ago in exhibition play.

In other news...

The Big 10 likes to portray itself as the moral guardian of college athletics, but, well, it’s just not.

Air Force will have some pretty sweet alternate unis available this season.

This kid got showed up by an old man on the hoopsketball court.