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Notebook: KU Football scrimmage on Saturday hopes to narrow QB race

Do you come from a land down under?

Oklahoma v Kansas Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Coaches hope to be able to narrow the QB race to two following a scrimmage on Saturday.

New KU football administrator Mike Vollmer’s first task is to remove the “roadblocks” facing KU football - whatever that means.

It sounds like Jacobi Lott suffered some sort of heart problem, as David Beaty mentioned an AED when discussing how proud he was of the medical staff that assisted Lott prior to the ambulance arriving.

Some folks are starting to catch on that Nicholls State won’t be a pushover for Kansas.

Clint Bowen feels like he’ll be able to use playing time as a motivator for his defense this year.

Scott Chasen goes through each of the 15(!!!) wide receivers on the roster.

KU Basketball will meet Marquette in the preseason NIT. Louisville and Tennessee will face off in the other game.

Wayne Selden says KU helped prepare him for the NBA.

In other news...

Bill Snyder just signed a five-year extension.

The San Franscisco 49ers are lowering the price of bottled water during games from $6 to $2.

Jayson Werth is destroying pitches in a men’s baseball rec league.