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Notebook: Recapping KU’s time at Big 12 Media Days

A hundred days have made me older

NCAA Football: Big 12 Media Day Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

KU was first up at Big 12 media days yesterday; you can catch David Beaty’s comments and player interviews at this link.

The Jayhawks toed the company line, saying that having a new AD doesn’t bring additional pressure.

One thing Beaty has always been consistent in saying is that he deals “in reality” and that he recognizes his circumstances have changed dramatically over the past couple of months.

Beaty was asked specifically for a win total that would define progress for his team, Beaty dodged the question. When asked about quarterbacks, all we got out of Beaty was that coaches would like to settle on a starter “quickly.”

When asked about the scholarship situation, Beaty did throw a few numbers out there, which seem to be way lower than what we’ve been told in the past. He ended his comments with this line: “I’m not using that. I don’t want to say anything else about that other than - (six-second pause) - I am really proud of our staffs that we’ve had here.”

Beaty also commented that the recent turmoil around the football program has not affected recruiting, but I for one find that pretty hard to believe.

I expect this from the LJW but not really the Star: Blair Kerkhoff writes that KU is embracing the underdog role.

For their part, the seniors say that they feel a responsibility for Beaty’s hot-seat status, and say they want to win “to prove people wrong.”

The players say that their experience and desire to eliminate mental mistakes on the field will be two factors crucial to turning KU around in 2018.

I highly recommend this next link: Tom Keegan reports on Khalil Herbert’s comments about Aaron Feis, the coach who was killed in the school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in February.

Kenyon Tabor, the three-star WR/TE who picked KU over K-State, was forced to retire due to back issues, but will stay with the football program in an off-field capacity.

The KC Star reports that has Devonte Graham’s college information incorrect. As of 6 AM this morning, it had yet to be corrected.

In other news...

The Big 12 is still a source of laughs for folks around the county when it comes to the slogans the conference comes up with.

A whistleblower in the Missouri athletic department says she will reveal new allegations of academic fraud and name names on Twitter on Wednesday evening.

The NCAA has announced Final Four sites through 2026.

Bryce Harper is your 2018 Home Run Derby champ.

Bill Nye was a big hit at the celebrity softball game.

I don’t know why you guys still read RCT, the blog posts here are a joke.