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64 Days until Kansas Football: What if KU were in the MIAA?

Forget everything else, basketball included: Could you imagine a football schedule loaded with D2 schools?

NCAA Football: Central Michigan at Kansas Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s get crazy this time out.

We’ve looked at the MAC. We’ve looked at the Sun Belt. We’ve looked at the Mountain West. We’ve even looked at the Missouri Valley, an FCS league.

But today, let’s look at Division 2 MIAA, whose claim to fame is Northwest Missouri State.

First, a few facts.

Division 1 football programs are able to offer 85 full scholarships. FCS programs are able to offer “the equivalent” of 63 full scholarships; they can spread that money over 85 student-athletes.

Division 2 programs only get “the equivalent” of 36 scholarships.

So, there is a HUGE talent differential between D2 and FCS, let alone FBS.

The next thing we have to address is that there is no reasonable way to compare a D1 program to a D2 program. I would wager it would be similar to comparing Alabama to the Cleveland Browns. (Spoiler alert: Cleveland wins 99 times out of 100.)

And finally, it should be noted that the MIAA is Northwest Missouri State and everyone else, and over the past four years it really hasn’t even been close. NWMSU has been in the playoffs every year since 2004, going 30-9 in the postseason. They have played in 8 national championship games since 2005, winning four, including 3 of the past 4 national titles. Of the three most recent titles, the closest game was a 15-point affair (in 2013).

Northwest routinely beats top-10 ranked D2 teams by 30+ points and top-25 teams by 40 or 50.

NWMSU is 56-2 over the past four years with three unbeaten seasons (15-0).

Kansas is 6-42 over that same stretch.

Based on how thoroughly NWMSU has dominated its competition, I have no doubt that Kansas would fare VERY well in the MIAA. The talent discrepancy is just too much.

But what I can’t shake is this feeling that if the Bearcats and Jayhawks were to meet, it might be a competitive affair. Somebody talk some sense into me.