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Notebook: Update on the Kansas athletic director search

Glory days, well, they’ll pass you by

Baylor v Kansas Photo by Brian Davidson/Getty Images

Chancellor Girod indicated that the goal is to complete the search for the athletic director by the end of the summer, but that it may be completed within the next two weeks. Girod would not confirm if any interviews had taken place or what potential candidates had been contacted.

Jesse Newell reports that KU would be willing to put the new AD’s salary in the top half of the conference, which would require total compensation to be close to $1M per year. Newell also commented in that article that the boosters he checked with haven’t been notified of how the search is progressing, so take what I’m about to write with a grain of salt because I’m absolutely positive Jesse has much better sources than I do. Also keep in consideration that this is third-hand information. I am told that KU has met with UCF AD Danny White. Other candidates include: Travis Goff, Northwestern Assistant AD; Kenny Mossman, Oklahoma Assistant AD; Jeff Long, former Arkansas AD; Terry Mohajir, Arkansas State AD; Josh Rebholz, UCLA Assistant AD. USA Today’s Dan Wolken reports that SMU’s Rick Hart is also a candidate.


6/29/18 2:40 PM CDT EDIT: UCF AD Danny White has denied any meetings have taken place with any KU officials.

In case my original comments weren’t clear enough (and the above comments are unedited and in their originally published form), all I wanted to do was relay something I heard third-hand from someone who claimed to be in the know. It’s no more credible than employees talking around a water cooler. It’s not a report, and it’s not a credible or corroborated source.

This AD search is an important one for Kansas fans and for other institutions that could be impacted by this search, and as a blogger - not a reporter - I simply shared what I heard with my readers. I have never pretended to be a reporter or tried to break any kind of news.

I’m just here to talk KU sports. I did not realize ADs were in the business of commenting on rumors from internet message boards. This has been a learning experience for me and all of us here at RCT, and we will be more careful in the future.


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