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Notebook: Devin Dotson arrives in Lawrence

Dig if you will the picture

NCAA Basketball: Texas A&M at Kansas Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Five-star recruit Devin Dotson has arrived in Lawrence and is participating in summer workouts.

Team USA, under Bill Self’s direction, scored the first 45 points of the game against Panama in a 118-26 win.

Jesse Newell writes about what Charlie Moore is doing over the summer to improve his game, specifically, working on his three-point shot.

Jeremiah Robinson-Earl discusses some of his favorites as his recruiting process continues to unfold.

Scott Chasen begins his countdown of the best wins in the Bill Self era, starting with Michigan State in 2003.

Viva the Matadors writes that KU firing Zenger should be a cause for concern in the rest of the conference.

In other news...

The field of 8 is set for the College World Series in Omaha.

Something called a World Cup kicks off on Thursday? Whatever that is. Here is a bunch of countries ranked on how well they can kick a ball.

Brett Favre says he basically invented the run/pass option play because he was bored with plain handoffs.

Ok, this was pretty cool. Just click.